Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Sometimes I feel like the little red hen.

The Little red Hen found a grain of wheat.
"Who will help me plant this seed?" asked the little red hen.
"Not I!" said the duck.
"Not I!" said the dog and the cat!
No one volunteered to help the little red hen until it came time to eat the bread she had baked from the fruits of her labours.
And yes sometimes I feel like that little red hen. As I scanned the computer for images of the little red hen I found out that the Rhode Island Red hen is a "heavy" hen that have a good constitution they are"Relatively hardy, they are probably the best egg layers of the dual purpose breeds. Reds handle marginal diets and poor housing conditions better than other breeds and still continue to produce eggs." I thought that all round this image suited me.

I am maternal and have been known to be clucky, I am a teacher and a busy single mum who needs to do much for herself and children. Following a recent trip to the hospital with chest pains that turned out to be stress related panic attack I was resting and asked Chicky Babe (my girl) to do the dishes. "Why should I? was the reply,"you're not doing anything." Oh! OK! In fairness to those arround me who have been a great support I know some of this exists purely in my head. However somedays it all feels a little overwhelming.
Often this is a result of my own restlessness and drive to fill most of my waking moments doing something. I love to sew, make jewellery, paint, plan and design my house renovations. When I'm in the mood I love to bake, though I've not had a dinner party in an age ( Most likely due to a crumbling social circle due to a number of break ups and changing friendships- not necessarily related directly to me.)
A friend of mine introduced me to blogging- well reading other peoples blogs and looking at all the lovely things people create. They become quite hypnotic or addictive. I look at them with mixed emotions, a tinge of jealosy actually. I looked a the beautiful photos of peoples lives, their lovely studios and lovely crafts. I lost my studio in a racent house move. The new house is in a better position for the children but did not have space for my studio any more. So my thing have been scattered around the house shoved in cupboards and boxes and i have not done alot for about 2 years. So...I have been inspired to pick up my needles and threads and have begun to create fabric and crocheted brooches. I love to combine traditional techniques and old bits and pieces to reinvent or rejuvinate something and give it life in a contempory setting. It's a bit like myself really, reinvent the old, keeping what has merit and trying to let go of what is no longer of use.
Although I am supposed to be writing reports (they are nearly done I promise!) I have decided to sell my newly made Brooches, aprons and bags at a local artists market- next weekend. I will have to take some photos and find a way to post them. Just to add to my list of things to do and learn I've decided to do this blog.
Why? you ask. Well I'm asking myself why too. So many others do it and seem to get joy from it. I am already finding it a very interesting exercise about what it is I want to share with others and why I would want to do it. I have kept journals over the years and promptly burnt some of them- Note to self don't over share! But this is quite anonomous so it is a bit liberating too. And who knows, someone may connect with what I am saying or doing. Writing is a means of communicating and like art the audience is important, it is something to be shared. I also liked the look of the images attached to the site and am looking forward to trying those things out too. I have been thinking of buying a better digital camera as I used to like using my Dad's old propper camera but it is not so convienient in a digital age and I couldn't afford the cost of the film development. Especially as a large percentage of them were not the best. So here I go about to post my first blog.
Oh My God. I do talk alot. Bantam Boy (my son says I type too much in my E-mails!!!)

Hmmmmmm! Just looked at the post. Lots to learn but now I have to make dinner