Sunday, 13 February 2011

Just a tad scary!

I need to preface this story with a little information about myself. In my heart and soul I am a little bit of an adventurer. I like to do things that are not exactly mainstream and visit places that not everyone else does. Here's a place I'm hoping to stay in when I go to England- it is a B&B that is a replica of a bronze age house.

When I went to Bali about 12 years ago I hated Kuta, we went there for lunch and to shop but I couldn't get out of there quick enough, I went up to Ubud instead which is well known now but then although it was known most Australians went to Kuta to stay in their club med hotels and drink cocktails by the pool. There is nothing wrong with cocktails by the pool as long as you get to experience a little of the culture and explore the place, otherwise you may as well save the air fare and book a room at a ho On my more recent travels to Thailand although we started in tel near where you live and drink cocktails by the pool there.Phuket we stayed in a place that was just out of Phuket. We spent time in the forest and then traveled by train to Bangkok via Hua Hin again. Now I say a 'little bit of an adventurer' because I don't like TOO much adventure. I'm not about to set off solo in a canoe down the amazon or anything. In fact I have found that I do like to know I am safe and I really don't like going places on my own. I like to have adventures with friends.
When I first separated from my husband (17 years ago this year) I was full of hope and kind of on a wave of bravery inspired by the adrenaline rush of making the decision to fly the coop. And at that time I taught myself to be a bit brave going places on my own even though I didn't really like it and it really pushed the limits of my comfort. I learned to take a map book where ever I went and then as mobile phones got cheaper and I was given a secondhand "brick" from a friend who was upgrading, this meant that I could call for help whenever I needed (as long as I remembered to pay the bill!) As time passed I got better at it and became quite outwardly confident.
However when my thyroid shut down and I suffered quite dark depression a few years ago all my insecurities came back and I find that I am back at square one again... I don't like going out on my own much any more and going somewhere new that I don't know where it is is actually quite an ordeal. I hate driving in traffic and the freeway makes me quite nervous, I will avoid it's busiest times at all costs often driving the long way around just to avoid it - partly this is my nervousness at the idiots that one must share the roads with partly because I have an old car that is not very quick on the pick up and doesn't like to go much over 70km/h OK for around home to and from the shop but not for longer trips that involve freeways. (I am going to get a new one soon, it is my new year goal.) I also don't like to drive about Perth very much it is busy and the streets all go stupid ways and then if you miss a turn you never know where to go after that and other drivers are so impatient and rude and never let you in (well lots not all!) so basically in my heart I'm an adventurer but in my head I'm a wuss!!!!
So Now my story...
Yesterday I had to deliver my art works to the place where the exhibition will be on Monday night. I had to get them there between 10;30 and 12;00 in Perth to a building I'd never heard of before, not hard as I never go there. So I googled it, got directions, looked at the street view and worked out that it was just past the spring street lights. I went to the website of the building to find that it had parking available so I set off bravely not too early so that I would miss the worst traffic of the morning, not being sure if it would be busy on a Saturday.
I negotiated the freeway and managed to select the correct lanes to get to the correct street I kept my eyes peeled but realised that I had in fact driven right past the place because I didn't notice the sign until it was too late. That's OK I thought because I noted on the map that there was a couple of car parks along there that I could use as an alternative should the first one be full. The next car park was closed as was the next. I was starting to worry when I noticed a third and pulled into it as it was open. There was a sign saying deliveries this way public parking that way please park in non reserved car bays and pay at the ticket box to your left. So I found a park rummaged about for change and walked to the ticket box. It was at this point that I started to think things were a little strange and looked around to notice that the big roll down grill had closed over the opening that I had driven in not 5 minutes before. Then in the distance I heard the resounding bang of a door slamming shut in the distance. It echoed ominously and I could see no-one about anywhere. I was alone in a dingy dark car park.
I experienced some mild panic.
I took a deep breath and read the signs there was nothing to indicate that it was a private car park but there was a number to call if you were having trouble with the ticket machine so I called it.
"The number you have dialed has been disconnected"
Now what!!!! Do I pay for my ticket and leave my car in this car park to possibly be clamped or towed- that is if I can find a way out or do I call the cavalry and try and get this point I was running about in small circles of indecision certainly in my head if not actually. Then I saw a man walking towards me wearing a yellow vest. Perhaps he could help, maybe he was security...He was just an electrical contractor so he couldn't answer any of my questions - apart from alerting me to an exit door that I could at least escape through if I decided to abandon my car.
I went up to another sign and decided to try the number on that one- hoping that it was different or perhaps in my panic I had miss dialed the number. This time I got through to the security. They wanted to know which car park I was in. I had NO idea, apart from that it was on mounts bay rd. I turned to ask the fellow who had been there a few minutes ago and he had left. Fortunately another couple of men came along and I was able to ask them where I was. Apparently the car park was not open on a Saturday- It was when I drove into it!!!!
The new blokes knew how to open the gates so I eventually made my escape. All the time I was also worried that I wouldn't get to deliver my work on time either. Happily I managed to navigate the roadworks in town and found the front of the building on St Georges Tce and there was a half hour street parking bay right out front and the work has been delivered. And now I have two weeks to steel myself in order to pick them up again- hopefully they will sell and I'll get them to put the cheque in the mail!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

pears and paint

This is my creative space. My dining room/ kitchen table. It seems that that is where I always end up, even with a studio space, I like to be in the middle of my house. I like the light through the french doors and there is the air conditioner to keep me comfortable. One day I hope to have a house that has a nice room just off the kitchen that I can leave all messy and another area that I can keep nice for when visitors come, a parlor to receive my visitors. I cant see it happening in the near future unless there is a significant lotto windfall! So my visitors will just have to keep loving me for who I am not how tidy my house is (or isn't!)

I've entered some work in an exhibition coming up next week and true to my usual form I haven't finished it yet. Well in truth, this morning I sat down to actually start the painting. Well, in my defense a large portion of my not painting time has been taken up with the thinking about painting time that goes on in your head first, so I wasn't procrastinating really I wasn't. I was percolating, thinking and creating. (Yes I've almost convinced myself that is what I've been doing.)
Anyway I've worked on it most of today and  it is very very nearly completed and I'm actually pretty happy with it.
(I just noticed as I added this photo that the flowers that bantam boy bought for his girlfriend are a bit worse for wear! Also the light is a little poor by the time I got to this stage.)I am making a second crocheted gold pear to go with the one I made during the holidays so they will be displayed together. Not with the painting as I had originally intended but together as a pair.

I've also painted the house over the holidays the kitchen is now white and the lounge is such a pretty blue.

I am so happy with the colour. It is so calming and relaxing the yellow was not really making me happy and I had become quite sick of it. Most paints change colour with the light but this one seems to have a real depth of colour and will appear sometimes quite blue and at other times tinged with green. It was a miss-tint that I convinced the paint people to add extra green to to give it more of a teal look. It is pretty much saturated with tint, I think that is what gives it it's depth.

I've been back at work this week and that has kept me pretty busy. At the end of last year I had to move the stuff out of my classroom into the art room as I am now 4 days art specialist and 1 day admin relief taking classes for a couple of level 3 teachers who have extra duties to do outside of the classroom. Anyway it meant that the art room which is also used by others for T&E - therefore FULL of stuff for that and art now contains my classroom teaching stuff! On top of that we have more kids and the classes are bigger which means I've had to put in an extra table to accommodate the children. So I had to play tetris with all the stuff in there and make it look like an art room for the last few days of the holidays. Thank goodness for Tim who came and helped me rearrange desks and repair shelves etc and keep me company!!
He is also good at making healthy snack. He was pottering in the kitchen and asked if I'd like something.
"Mmmmm, some fruit would be nice." and this is what I got!