Saturday, 5 February 2011

pears and paint

This is my creative space. My dining room/ kitchen table. It seems that that is where I always end up, even with a studio space, I like to be in the middle of my house. I like the light through the french doors and there is the air conditioner to keep me comfortable. One day I hope to have a house that has a nice room just off the kitchen that I can leave all messy and another area that I can keep nice for when visitors come, a parlor to receive my visitors. I cant see it happening in the near future unless there is a significant lotto windfall! So my visitors will just have to keep loving me for who I am not how tidy my house is (or isn't!)

I've entered some work in an exhibition coming up next week and true to my usual form I haven't finished it yet. Well in truth, this morning I sat down to actually start the painting. Well, in my defense a large portion of my not painting time has been taken up with the thinking about painting time that goes on in your head first, so I wasn't procrastinating really I wasn't. I was percolating, thinking and creating. (Yes I've almost convinced myself that is what I've been doing.)
Anyway I've worked on it most of today and  it is very very nearly completed and I'm actually pretty happy with it.
(I just noticed as I added this photo that the flowers that bantam boy bought for his girlfriend are a bit worse for wear! Also the light is a little poor by the time I got to this stage.)I am making a second crocheted gold pear to go with the one I made during the holidays so they will be displayed together. Not with the painting as I had originally intended but together as a pair.

I've also painted the house over the holidays the kitchen is now white and the lounge is such a pretty blue.

I am so happy with the colour. It is so calming and relaxing the yellow was not really making me happy and I had become quite sick of it. Most paints change colour with the light but this one seems to have a real depth of colour and will appear sometimes quite blue and at other times tinged with green. It was a miss-tint that I convinced the paint people to add extra green to to give it more of a teal look. It is pretty much saturated with tint, I think that is what gives it it's depth.

I've been back at work this week and that has kept me pretty busy. At the end of last year I had to move the stuff out of my classroom into the art room as I am now 4 days art specialist and 1 day admin relief taking classes for a couple of level 3 teachers who have extra duties to do outside of the classroom. Anyway it meant that the art room which is also used by others for T&E - therefore FULL of stuff for that and art now contains my classroom teaching stuff! On top of that we have more kids and the classes are bigger which means I've had to put in an extra table to accommodate the children. So I had to play tetris with all the stuff in there and make it look like an art room for the last few days of the holidays. Thank goodness for Tim who came and helped me rearrange desks and repair shelves etc and keep me company!!
He is also good at making healthy snack. He was pottering in the kitchen and asked if I'd like something.
"Mmmmm, some fruit would be nice." and this is what I got!


2paw said...

Nice painting, both artistic and wall. Our walls are sea green, the tint was hideously expensive but I love it. I have loved it for 20 years!!!
I think it is a bit unfair that teachers have to do all their own carrying and fetching and other things like that. I am pretty sure other professionals have minions to do it for them.
Nice fruit!!!!
Oh and I am the same about the spare room, which could/is the craft room but I hate being far away from the rest of the house too!!

Luhlahh said...

The crow painting looks great, and I love the dining room walls too! One day I would love to have a place of my own and make it all cosy and personal like that!

Anki said...

The colour looks really wonderful.It's amazing how a colour can change your mood, I can imagine that this one will do wonders for your serenity and creativity. I believe that you were definitely "percolating" and not procrastinating ;) the crow looks fantastic.

inkberryblue said...

You've been busy! I love that blue! It works beautifully with all the white.
...and your crow picture is striking. I know that there are times when I just need to fill the well, creatively speaking, too. (It's actually been great to take a break from blogging for that very reason.) I'd really like to go and see the exhibition you're part of. If you have time, could you please email me the details at
I've been lucky and have stayed in the same room as last year so I'm fairly organised. Home is a different matter. My new floors are in (hurray!) but I'm still surrounded by lots and lots of boxes that are waiting to be unpacked. Once that's done I want to start drawing. I'd like to capture my cat and her beautiful green eyes...

Have a great Week Two.

one little acorn said...

Sounds like you have had a busy busy holiday... I love the new colour of your lovely blue/teal rooms in your home - it is lovely and bright and no wonder you find it so relaxing and calm!
As for the bowl of fruit... I love it. Definitely made me smile, as I am sure it did you too. How nice to get some help in preparation for the new school year.
Hope it's all going well.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I just love that colour! You "Teal Goddess" you! I dream of having my studio that colour.

The Illustrators Wife said...

I love the pretty blue and white room! I'm in an apartment currently, so no paint, but when we get our own house, those are the exact colors I'm dreaming of!