Saturday, 12 January 2008


On Christmas day Chicky babe discovered a trail of mud coming from the ceiling outside her room.
"what's this mum?"
"*!#*! Termites!"

Merry Christmas. They had got into the roof in the back part of the house which had been extended in the eighties- long before I bought it. They have come up from under the house and through the wood used to secure the plaster board onto the brick wall! I've had two guys come and check it out. I went with the one who was friendly, professional, good price and didn't make allusions to my unmarried status. To be fair to the first guy I did answer the door in a sheet. In my defense, however the appointment had been made for 4pm and it was 9am and I'm on holiday and I thought it was a friend who had left something at my place. He said "women are too beautiful to have to worry about these kind of things" & I should not worry, he would take care of it. Anyway the non-sleazy fellow is coming back on Monday and I need to shift 5 bookcases full of books and jewellery making paraphernalia! Along with any other furniture that will impede his thorough inspection.I've had about a week to do this job. Have I done it yet? NO!

I went to visit a friend and decided to teach myself to crochet properly. I've made scarves,poncho's, blankets, hats/tea cosies , jewelery- beaded crocheted wire chokers, bracelets and earrings and flowers ......

embroidered and crocheted brooches completed earlier this year (Oops! Last year, 2007)

Little cream and purple flower brooches with vintage button centers.

but I have no idea what I'm actually doing. I just hook loop and twist away until it comes together! I have no idea how to read a pattern. So I bought a book (Stitch'n bitch crochet the Happy Hooker- Not to enamoured with the title but the instructions are easy and clear to follow.) So yesterday I decided to make "samplers" in cotton that can be used as dish cloths or face washers using the basic stitches illustrated in the book. S in between my trips as taxi service to the children. I popped into Freo to get some yarn.

Plain crochet- double crochet

Shell Pattern

Close up of shell pattern

"Bobble and Puff Stitch"

close up of the puff stitch.

They are so wonderfully textural pieces, the cotton yarn is far better than wool in this respect. Cotton has a sheen and smoothness that accentuates the bobbles and ridges formed by the stitches. I love that my new camera is able to record the textiles so beautifully!
Now I really must get some sleep because I really can not put off moving books and furniture to ensure clear access for the termite man. I really have managed to keep myself busy NOT doing any housework or chores and now it has caught up with me!

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