Saturday, 8 January 2011

Getting creative.

This is how I've been going with my new year goal of doing more art work.

In between lunches or coffee with the girls I've done quite a bit of drawing, some lino prints and some painting and some crochet.

Oh I do love holidays.
 This lino print I took from this photo. I really loved the image and it kind of spoke to me of the friendships women have how they support one another. I used one of the least successful prints to try hand painting it - a la Margret Preston style.

There is an exhibition for art educators coming up in February and I'm going to submit some work. One is the little 10x10 chicky babe painting. These items are put up for silent auction and any money raised is given to PMH (Children's hospital) it is very nearly finished.

The second one will I think be a mixed media piece, The crow consuming pears- a painting which is only in it's pencil stage as yet and this delicate crocheted wire hollow form pear will go with it.
Now I have to go and be mum's taxi service then get back to painting.


2paw said...

What lovely art work, I love the lino print an the pear and the Baby looks so different coloured in. Nice work!!

Kirti said...

Nice dette! check out the link on my latest post Illustration friday....xx

Molly said...

they are all so beautiful! i love the entwined braid. truly a representation of friendship. and of course i love the crocheted metal pear!!!

Lauren said...

Your linocuts are beautiful - so delicate. I love them.