Sunday, 5 June 2011

This weekend...

Yesterday I went walking with my friend from across the street,Wearing these sneakers I bought on line.
They are fantastic, I was worried about them being unstable but the fact they are supposed to be good for knees and bad backs won me over. I love them. They are the first pair of sneakers that actually feel comfortable and my knees didn't hurt when I walked and they don't look too sneakerish.
I went shopping- for food, I did some drawing and painting and watched BBC1 Streamed Dr Who episode at 2am with Chicky Babe.
I did not do ANY school work.
Today I slept in and I have procrastinated, I've found my camera cord but lost my camera...I should be a school packing up my art room because I am going to be shifting to the new building sometime, last year, this year last term, this term, last week, this Friday that just went now maybe Wednesday or possibly Thursday or Friday. It is driving me crazy...AND I have a whole school exhibition happening in there on the 27th June and uni workshops on the 20th. So today I thought it best to go in an pack some stuff up so that it is ready to shift when it happens. But I am struggling to be motivated. I think I will do some more drawing.
Hopefully I can find my camera so I can start sharing photos again soon.


2paw said...

It's school holidays here: hurrah!! My friend has those shoes, I am pretty sure I couldn't walk in them but obviously they are great.
Doctor Who is very, very good. Can't wait till part two of this season comes along.
Moving rooms is a nightmare. Do you have a lot of children to carry things for you?? Hope you do, a new room is very nice though.

Anki said...

Great to hear that you've allowed some time for yourself. That's the best way to motivate yourself. I do understand that the never-ending-always-moving deadline is a motivation killer though. Chin up buckeroo.
Shoes look good.

Rachel Power said...

So glad to know that you are well. Those events can be very scary, but also kind of useful wake-up-calls (as long as you're actually OK) to get on with the things that really matter and try to minimise the rest (as much as we can as insanely busy mothers). I hope that you've found your way through the overwhelmed stage and are getting back to feeling inspired.
P.S. I got some great shoes like those for travelling recently. They were a life-saver!

Varun Verma said...

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