Saturday, 30 June 2012



Ok ...the last attempt didn't work at all!
Recently I bought myself an iPad. I really like the way it feels to hold and to flick through. I used to be quite addicted to magazines. I loved them, it was quite an expensive habit and I loved them so much I used to keep them all so I could flick through them whenever I got a chance but they threatened to overtake the house!
Anyway I haven't quite worked out how it works just yet.
I've also bought myself a new bright yellow couch and two red chairs for my loungroom. My old lounge had cushions and made you slouch and sit crookedly which was most uncomfortable and made my back ache! The new one is very comfortable and I love the colours, they are so bright and cheery. Luckily I bought them before deciding to drop down to 4 days a week at work.

I've had a couple of challenges at work that have been quite draining both physically and emotionally, it has consumed my thoughts and each week I would dread what was to come, I spent hours trying to problem solve and finally I've decided to drop some work time in an attempt to find some balance between work, running the house and my desire to create my own art work and nurture my creativity.

Work has been leaving me with very little left over for my home and my art has become a distant third after everything else. I am a little worried about the drop in income but at this stage it is a temporary thing just for the rest of this year so that I can see how we manage. The kids are all working now so they are able to look after their own wants and I've told them that they will have to be responsible for their own phone bills now so that will help. Most importantly I am looking forward to a little more space, not only in my lounge room but also in my head allowing me energy and balance in order to find a little more peace and balance in my life and hopefully a little more productivity.


2paw said...

Love the new lounge and chairs, they look fabulous- I thought it was from a magazine. To which I am also addicted- cooking ones!! They HAVE overtaken.
I am glad you have found some balance, if you need it, then you must have it I think.

Erzulimojo said...

A long time lurker -- so glad to see you post again. The new furniture looks wonderful -- gorgeous colors. A-four-day work week sounds heavenly to me. Wishing you the best with all the balancing. I'm always teetering.

one little acorn said...

Sounds wonderful - I would love to go part time, 3 days work, 2 days creating... assuming I have to work at all!
I'm loving your new lounge furniture. So bright. Very cool.