Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hooray for holidays!

Right I really have to figure out how to do this more successfully!

Take two.

I've been thinking that this is the first time in ages that I haven't felt really exhausted and a tad unwell at the beginning of my holidays. I think it's because I've made the decision to work the 4 days next term rather than full time. it means that I drop two classes that I teach subjects other than art so as I have a pretty good outline of what I want to achieve next term in art I don't have to spend a lot of time planning over the holidays, I can fine tune my art programme towards to end of the holiday.

I've also booked a couple of nights for tim and I away in this first week. We are heading north up the coast to the Pinnacles it's only about two and a half hours drive from Perth. On our big trip last year I realized how important it is to get away from home every now and then. Away from the house work and odd jobs big and small that call to you while you spend your holidays at home. Last year I bought a new car so that I could take mini breaks like this without having to worry about the car conking out part way there.

I plan to take some photos, maybe do some drawing and painting and read a bit. Not sure what I'll read just yet but I have a rather large stack of books to choose from. Reading is another pleasure that I am beginning to enjoy again, that's one of the things that told me I was really depresses and stressed. I loved reading and would devour books and since my depression got very bad and until I went to Europe I couldn't manage to read, I couldn't get into a story. I struggled through one book over months and months and left the last chapter unread, that's very unlike me! But I think I'm really on the mend. I read a book over the last month and I finished it today, relaxing in bed with a cuppa this morning. Definitely holiday mode!

This after noon I baked bread to have with soup for dinner tonight. I used a bread mix with lots of seeds in it. Mmmmmm, yummy. The kids were starving but I wouldn't let them eat until I took a photo of it. Bantam Boy decided to play stylist and added a pair of glasses to the loaf!



one little acorn said...

Enjoy! Relax and forget about work for a while! Soak up all that wonderful time to do something for you - painting, drawing and reading sounds perfect. And some time away too! Lovely.

Thanks for your comment over the weekend, it was just the nudge I needed.

2paw said...

Wow, that's a great loaf of bread, making a spectacle of itself!!
Have a very good holiday, and it will be nice knowing what is ahead in the next term is a happier time.