Monday, 19 November 2012

Three wee dollies.

  by dette.k
, a photo by dette.k on Flickr.

Three dolls almost done this weekend. I'm thinking that if I pay myself twenty five dollars an hour and each one takes over three hours to make and that doesn't include materials...$80 at least, is quite reasonable. I havent boughht dolls for a long long time and wondered what people are paying now days. A massed produced baby born is $75, a barbie is about $50 (depending on the style/theme) and a hideous machine made raggedy Anne doll was $20 in the bargain bin at textile traders, so $80 is a good deal for something unique. The problem is people often devalue what is handmade and want you to sell it for nothing. We'll see.


2paw said...

Such cute clothing. You are right, people will pay top dollar for things they perceive to be cool and trendy hand made, but your actual really truly handmade items- they often say 'I could make that' except they don't. Sounds very reasonable pricing.

Kirti said...

Hi Dette these are so beautiful - I wish you so much success and enjoyment1 funny - I just opened an etsy shop today for my dolls of a different kind. I an completely relate to the pricing issue. It took me ages to work out a price that felt right. So true that we must value what we do before anyone else will. Hope you are all well and happy and gearing up for a holiday. xxxx