Monday, 6 July 2009



It's holidays at last. I managed to do report comments for all my art classes, This means that I don't have to do them at the end of the year (although I don't think I should HAVE to do them at all as it is not required by the department) anyway they are done. In the last few weeks I've also managed to crochet a chevron lace cardigan in black.

This is a fantastic pattern. Very easy and very comfortable. The sleeves have bounced up a bit and although I did want them shortish for work they are a bit short!

And I've made a couple of neck warmers one for me then one for a friend because she admired mine so much.

(She also wants a cardigan!)

So far this holiday we have had a 'gathering' of teens here - 20 or less people is a gathering not strictly a party I've been informed. Although I think loud music and sneaky alcohol, loud singing pizza and then sausage sizzle later in the night and me being evicted from my lounge room at 12ish and not being able to get to sleep properly is a party. A gathering evokes a much more civilized kind of affair. It must be a generational thing. Bantam Boy still has to clean up after it. Saturday was out as there was another 'gathering' (on a much smaller scale) at another friends place and then he had work on Sunday. Now it's Monday 10:30 and he's still in bed. Never fear I'll wake him in a bit, but right now I'm enjoying the quiet of being on my own.

I had to get up bright and early- well early at least. Chicky Babe is off to Rottnest Island for 3days and 2 nights. It is cold and rainy this morning so the half hour ferry ride won't be too pleasant, but she will be with all her mates so she will be oblivious to the adverse conditions. I'm sure she will be fine they are staying with the parents of one of her friends from drama. There will be 18 people in all. Apparently the family own a holiday house on the island and so the kids don't have to pay for accommodation. I spoke to the mother (much to Chicky Babes horror - she could see no reason why I would have to do that, see how unreasonable and embarrassing I am to her!) The mother said she would feed them all too. How generous are they? So I went and bought a whole lot of treats and snacks for her to share.

After dropping her off at the ferry I went to the Fremantle art centre and wandered about looking at the exhibition and had a coffee and a lovely chat with a complete stranger.

Now because it is so grey and dreary outside, I'm going to wrap my feet in my finished Babette rug and put on a DVD and a pot of tea and sit and knit my next project a lovely chunky circular vest. And think about what I am going to do to sell at George Street Festival this year so I can make lots of money so that I can go elephant trekking in Thailand!

One of my friends had planned to travel with another friend when they turned 40 this was put off and off until now that she will be 50 next year they decided to go elephant trekking . Then her friend said no again...So I've decided that I would go with her instead. (much to Chicky Babes surprise! She doesn't know that I do have a mildly adventurous side although if you check out the link you will see that it is camping but only in name they have bathrooms attached to the tents. And it is quite civilized really.)


fifi said...

oh, I have been elephant was amazing, though (typically) I was pretty well on my own with a thai gude and slept in huts with thai mountain families. I still remember it being something totally beyond a tourist experience..surreal. I think you deserve a trip there. The elephants are so lovely, quite small. I woke up one morning in some high-up hut and saw an elephant's head bobbing past...oh stop me. Blog post in a comment box.

Hope you survive all these parties...sorry, gatherings...

Sarah said...

Wow!That sounds like a lot of fun!Yay for elephants!

Luhlahh said...

Wow! It's all going on at your place. The jacket is beautiful!
The elephant trek sounds like a lot of fun! Something to get you through the school year!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I'd love to go elephant trekking! And I'd love to see that part of Thailand! Have an amazing time, as I'm sure you will. That sounds like my style of camping too :)

I love the neck warmer you made, no wonder your friend asked you to make her one.

Oh, and don't feel like you were prying... I had a funny message from a friend this morning saying that she was looking forward to "NOT" hearing from me, as that meant something exciting was happening :)

inkberryblue said...

Hooray for holidays! Your chevron lace cardigan looks really lovely ~ I'm thinking of making one in grey wool for the winter...and trekking in Thailand sounds fabulous! How exciting!

one little acorn said...

What a great way to mark 50... and what a great incentive to keep making all those lovely goodies.