Friday, 10 July 2009


Where has the week gone? I've done
a bit of knitting
a bit of sewing
a bit of cooking
a bit of drawing
a lot of running about after my cherubs
visited my dear friend
caught up with a couple more,
saw a movie (Coco Chanel)
watched some DVD's
and have done a very little bit of housework.
And no photography!

I'm trying to decide what to make in order to make money so I can go on my trip.
I think I will do some of my HANDbags as they sold well.

I'm also thinking of tiny mosaic pendents using some of my broken tea cups but I've not yet figured out the best way to do them yet.
I thought of making some crocheted cotton dishcloths with some left over cotton yarn but they take far too long to make and I just wouldn't be able to sell them for a reasonable profit.
Then I thought tea cosies or coffee pot warmers, crocheted and embroidered.
A friend suggested making some felt cone christmas trees like I made her as nearly everyone who saw them on her bench commented on how lovely they were.

Any other suggestions????

Right LOTS of ideas, no direction and one more week of holidays.....


inkberryblue said...

I love your idea of broken tea~cup necklaces, and your bags, of course...speaking of HANDbags, would you like to meet up so I can finally buy your gorgeous green flowery bag? Would you like to email me and let me know what days might suit?
Happy weekend!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow, you have had a week haven't you!

A definate YES on the handbags and I love the idea of the broken teacup necklaces - maybe little pieces edged in something or embedded into something would work.... Love the felted trees too, maybe you could do different types of trees as well with little embroidered birds in them or something for different seasons....

Sarah said...

Nice bags! With regard to the broken teacups, you could make a small disc out of clay and then push the pieces into that.

Luhlahh said...

It all sounds great. You could do the knitted neck warmers from you last post and your crochet 'jewellery' as well. We have a lovely market in Alice, but I'm not sure of my ability to get up early in order to attend. Maybe when I get a car...