Sunday, 18 October 2009

Where has the time gone?

I spent most of my holidays unwell and this last week at school has been a blur. The low point included an abusive, graphically rude note put in my letterbox by a student I had growled at at school on the last day of last term. I don't expect that all kid will like me but I don't expect to be bothered at home by them. The mother was informed and she was beside herself with embarrassment so hopefully it wont happen again.

At least one little girl was so pleased to be back at school, in her words she missed me so much she wished there were no holidays. Everyone told me not to take it to heart but it isn't nice to be on the receiving end of something like that and when it follows you home it is a little unpleasant.
Bantam Boy's mocks are done, only a couple of weeks to the real thing. I am not convinced that there is anywhere near enough study being done. We are all a little grumpy and stressed around here at present so I have tried to stay away from here so as not to bore you all silly with my whinging! My posts my be few and far between until the end of this TEE caper. Although if I am not working (I was at school till 8pm on Friday getting stuff ready for art blast- a huge cross district display of children's art work.) I may have more time just to potter, organise my house and myself and maybe take some photos of what I've been doing.

My friend D and I went into the travel agent today to book our flights and organize our elephant trekking trip to Thailand. We plan to spend a night in Phuket, from there the elephant hills people will pick us up and take us into the national forest. Where we will do these things. (Photo's from the Elephant hills luxury tented camping tours website.)

This is D's 50th birthday wish - to trek on an elephant.

This is included...

if she can do it I'm sure I can!

I've started walking this week to help improve my fitness to make sure I can. I also bought one of those weekly tablet containers with the days marked on them to make sure I take my thyroid medication every day as I am supposed to... it might help me loose weight so that I am not mistaken for an elephant!!!!

One of the tents...
inside the tent. My kind of camping!

We will stay at the campsite in the middle of one of the oldest tropical rain forests in the world for a few nights then instead of returning to Phuket we are going to Krabi for a night or two. From there we will take the train to Hua Hin where we will spend a couple of nights before heading to Bangkok. We decided that the train trip would be an interesting way to see a bit of the countryside rather than seeing the inside of an airplane! We also thought that the contrast between the forest in a tent and such a huge city like Bangkok would be fascinating.

I have to admit I am a bit nervous, mostly as I will be leaving Chicky Babe here. But she will be 17 by then and is looking forward to spending 10-12 days on her own! I am worried that she might follow through on her threat to get rid of some of my junk-or tea cups and fabric as I call them. I'm sure she wouldn't....yeah I'm pretty sure she wouldn't ...would she?!?!


fifi said...

oh my goodness what fabulous fun. You will love .

I wetn trekking in thailand years ago, looks a silmiar location, except I had to sleep in village houses. I was by myself so it was a little bit scary, along the Burmese border there were drug runners with guns. The best bit was waking in a house on stilts and seeing a baby elephant go by at eye level.

I am apalled at these dreadful rude children, but I think the girl saying she wished there were no holidays so she could spend more time wih you vastly outweighs the nasty note. So blow that one away and remeber the loving little girl:that is just precious!

You have so much to do!
Also, I did want to say (re your comment) that sometines I envy your having had a creative and wonderful dad. Which is silly I know.

But i have waited a long time and put up with endless crap to be getting away overseas again, believe me!

Sarah said...

What a horrible thing for a kid to do! (Actually I feel a bit sorry for the mum as well.)

The trip looks really exciting, though, and hopefully it'll give you something to look forward to to get you through the year. Mum and I are planning a trip to England next year, so I guess that serves as a bit of an incentive to carry on.

I'm sure everything will be okay, just as long as you get your family through the next month (remember, the TER for teaching at Curtin is only 70.00, so I'm sure BB could easily get in there if all else fails). Good luck to you all!
xox Sarah

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's awful about the note left by a student, but so wonderful about the girls who wishes for "no holidays" :)

How exciting that your Thailand trip is getting closer. I still think about that picture you put up of it a while ago, still dream of going one day...

Good idea about the pill container! I really should do that, if I miss just one pill these days, I can feel it.

ThirdCat said...

My parents were teachers, and we lived in a country town, and on the last day of school term our roof would always be rocked. Yuck.

That trek on the other hand, sounds awesome.

shoppingmum said...

Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog. :)
I'll be in Phuket too this month, and I hope that you will have a nice trip to Thailand.