Friday, 23 October 2009

This chair is too wobbly...

(image found at this website)

Yesterday one of the little year one kids fell off a stool in the art room because it's legs were wobbly and unstable. So I asked her to put it under the table so no one else would fall off it. I promptly forgot all about it until this morning when I sat on it an landed on my bum as it broke under my weight- a la Goldilocks style- apparently my head missed the table behind me by mere centimeters! Of course the kids thought it was hysterically funny. So now I have a sore bum, ankle, wrist, knee, back, neck and ego!
I also fear my fall was not as graceful as that of Goldilocks in this image!

PS: The web site: Iconic fairy tales has some very cute vintage style stories on it worth a look if you like that kind of thing.


Sarah said...

Wow, close call! Glad you didn't hit your head.

There was a pretty serious incident in my class a couple of years ago when some kids were rocking on their chairs, and then one boy fell backwards and really hurt himself. He couln't get up. He was paralyzed from the waist down and they had to call an ambo to pick him up. Luckily there was no permanent damage and he was able to walk afterwards, but it was really scary!

(And when I'm a teacher, any student silly enough to rock on their chair in my classroom will have to endure a slightly exaggerated version of that story until they promise never to do it again!)

little red hen said...

My sister broke her teeth rocking on her chair and had to have extensive painful dental work done periodically into adulthood so my kids often get terrorized into not rocking on their chairs with that story, but some kids refuse to be alarmed about things that clearly will never happen to them!

Sarah said...

Just popping in again to say good luck to BB next week!