Wednesday, 4 November 2009

So glad..

I am so glad I have been fortunate enough to take some time of work to support Bantam Boy through his TEE exams. I have been making a cooked breakfast for him, preparing his favourite meals at a reasonable hour and making cups of tea ,lunches and snacks. I've been able to drive here and there and run lunch into school for Chicky Babe. All without any stress. It is my job at the moment, just being a mum and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I have time to pay attention to the little things I enjoy, like the shadows on the wall in the hallway in the late afternoon sun. I have two of these little dolls given to me by a friend.

I've had time to create a Halloween costume for Chicky Babe, who is in her own words "So Cute"
I made the tail she did the hat. I love that I am still making 'dress ups" for her even though she is 16 and a half. When they were tiny I made them dinosaur costumes- little hooded t-shirts with spikes, teeth and tails. I often took my little dinosaurs shopping and could hear other children begging for a similar costume. I used to whip them up when friends came over to play. This led to the belief my children held for quite some time that Mum was capable of whipping up anything that was required on short notice, especially for West Aussie Day at school. I want a frilled neck lizard costume, I want to be a black swan, ...a jar of Vegemite, a tropical butterfly, Captain Stirling. At one stage I gave up buying normal clothes because they spent most of their time dressing up.

And I've been exploring the net, planning my Thailand trip, booking hotels and finding things to do and places to see. Also I've been trying without immediate success to set up a paypal account and try to purchase crochet patterns and pay for hotel booking deposits online.

Very Frustrating....but I'll get there.


Sarah said...

Aww... cute costume!

How did BB find the art exam yesterday? I thought the image analysis question was quite hard...

little red hen said...

He thought he did OK. He talked about physical/actual journeys and emotional or mental ones. Time will tell how he went.

Sarah said...

Yeah, that's what I did, too. I think I went alright, but my teacher kept putting pressure on me to do well in the exams since I'm borderline A/B in my practical stuff and the theory can drag it up.

I'm sitting the English exam tomrrow as a private candidate. It doesn't matter if I don't do well, but I'm a little nervous since I haven't studied much of the course (I do lit, which is quite different, apparently).

Luhlahh said...

Almost there Guys! :-) Luhlahh