Thursday, 17 June 2010

Can we keep him?

My painting this week. This little illustration came from my childhood memories. As a little girl I lived in Katherine in the northern territory. I remember having a cat "Tom".
I thought Tom was the most beautiful creature in the world. He was enormous and I'm sure his legs almost dragged on the ground as I carried him about lovingly- around the neck.
He was an outside cat and was never allowed into the house. Looking back with the eyes of an adult but looking through my childish eyes at mothers face as I asked if we could keep him, I suspect he must have been a stray 'moggy' that happened to wander (or maybe encouraged by the loving grip around the neck) into our yard.
To me he looked lovely but I fear he may actually have looked like the cartoon character "Old Tom"


Andrea said...

That is so cute...any chance of selling a print of it..would be adorable in our foster baby's room!!!

Luhlahh said...

Old Tom was lucky to have such a sweet friend as you!

Sarah said...

Aww, that's gorgeous, Red. Kind of reminds me of the way I used to rather forcefully cuddle Albert when I was younger. He wasn't quite as tolerant of it as Tom was, though!