Saturday, 26 June 2010

Inviting and volunteering

My sister has invited her husband and herself over to my house for dinner tonight. My house is a shocking mess - it always is a bit messy but I've been ill with a flu, making fancy dress costumes for Chicky Babe and her friend- I was volunteered for that too- and the dishwasher has now gone out in sympathy with the old washing machine and the vacuum cleaner! ( As I've been paying Bantam Boy's phone and giving him $500+ a month for his gap year holiday I can't afford to buy a new one of either!)

Dishes done the old fashioned way.( Added some time later!)

Must stop wasting time browsing here in blogland and get back to cleaning up the old fashioned way! I also have to shop for food and get to my last painting lesson. I didn't get any extra painting done this week and if it were not for the fact I've paid for this workshop my creative time would once again be pushed down the list.
At least having people coming over for dinner has given me motivation to start cleaning this disaster area!

Bounty bought for tonight's Thai coconut and lemongrass fish soup and Massaman chicken curry. (Two favourites from my Thailand holiday.)


Dinner was yummy and my sister bought desert and she and hubby did the dishes after tea too so it doesn't even look like there was a dinner party. In fact I think it looks better than it did before!

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Luhlahh said...

I DO like the new layout! Good luck with the cleaning - I'm just about to move from a place with a dishwasher to somewhere without one... I'm a bit sad about that! :-(