Tuesday, 9 November 2010

carving, cleaning & gardening

For some time I've been wanting a decent set of lino carving tools and a month or so ago Tim ordered me a set on eBay (I think I may have complained that he spoiled the girls -Chicky babe and Bec- buying them manga stuff on line) Anyway I have been waiting and waiting and the girls got their posters and other booty and day after day went by without my tool set arriving.

Yesterday the neighbour handed Tim a package- it was my tool set! They had had them for a couple of weeks and just hadn't got round to bringing them over! Oh well, never mind today was the first day in ages that I've had time to play with them anyway. They or it rather is quite nifty. It has one handle and 5 interchangeable blades that are hidden away inside the ergonomic handle. It is so comfortable to use. And amazingly quick, I'm using a relatively newish product, the white easy carve rubber rather than the traditional lino I'm used to using, It carves like butter!  Which is both good and bad. Quick to use but also quick to cut off more than you thought you were! Fortunately this didn't happen for me but I can see this could happen if you used this with kids. Tomorrow I'll do an artist's proof..

I want to make some handmade Christmas gifts and this year it might be hand printed tea towels. I have several plain white towels ready for printing. I looked through a book I have on designs from different cultures and historical periods and found some inspiration from the Asian flowers which carry a meaning of happiness- a perfect wish to incorporate into a gift. Maybe I should do a second one reversed so that I can print them alternating along the edge of the tea towel, maybe not it is actually quite big....We'll see.

I just had to include this photo of my sister and my mum from not this weekend but the one before when my sister decided to relax some more in my garden -in the middle of the day in the horrible heat on my only day off that weekend (I was not amused at the time- but this photo is quite amusing and just blurry enough to afford them some anonymity!) She woke me early and asked if she could come to visit- no mention of gardening - half way through morning tea she was up and gardening, then mum joined her, hence the nice top and the fluffy purple hat on mum (tee hee!), it was hot and we were totally unprepared for this kind of get together!They came back again this Sunday but I was prepared this time and had the whole weekend  spare this time. We ran out of room in the skip bin so and will be returning next Sunday ( one of my trees had to come out because it was damaged when the pipe burst recently and then there was 5 years worth of weeds along the driveway!!!!) I think that her garden is so totally clean and tidy she has nothing left to tackle. Fortunately for her my garden could use a little work especially in those areas that I ignore and pretend are not there.
So I was in charge of cooking morning tea and lunch on Sunday and will be again next Sunday- I now have a new found respect for farmers wives or scullery maids of yore. As soon as I finished washing up dishes from first morning tea (yes they are part Hobbit) They were ready for second morning tea. Wash those dishes cook lunch, clear and wash again. Mind you they were a very hungry and appreciative customers.
I made pizzas and a leek,asparagus and fetta tart, potato salad, sausages (at my niece's request) and these scones made with yogurt and oil- they are my step fathers favourites and very easy to make.
I will be able to repeat the scones but I'll have to think up another lunch.
I won't know myself soon. Our newest house mate is quite tidy and likes to clean especially while she is supposed to be studying and likes to rally Bantam Boy into joining her!


Anki said...

Is that your niece? Wow, I thought at first your sister had found the fountain of youth and managed to stay unchanged since 17.
Nice to have things sorted for you, I guess. You're very patient with them. I think I'd have been...well annoyed...

Red Hen (dette) said...

Yes I was a bit annoyed especially on the first week when I'd had to work all saturday at the school fair and still had to do more school work in the afternoon...Then this week I thought well I want that area cleaned up, they want to do it so I let them boss me about! Win win situation.
And yes she is like her mama but with blonde hair.

2paw said...

Love your carving, I used that soft white/grey 'stuff' this year to make my Dalek stamp. MUCH easier than tile!! Fancy your neighbours not handing it over sooner.
We have Nineses on Wednesdays, no waiting around for Elevenses!!

fifi said...

I have not used that white stuff, in fact i havent ever even SEEN it. I use either the rubbery blue one which is green on the back, or the grey silk cut.
I FIND THE SoFTneSS OF THE RUBBER QUITE DISCONCERTING AND THAT MY TOOL GETs (oops) wedged into the surface all the time, but it is nice to be able to get details.

Oh please can you send those garden faries to my house, and also a bit opf hot weather? we seem to have turned into Narnia.( Before Aslan, that is.)

one little acorn said...

Love your carving and can't wait to see the resulting AP. Always a treat to see the final result. It's a bit like magic, that first print I think.
The garden must be looking amazing and how nice to get all that extra help! The cooking side of these things always wears me out, but it's worth it if it means they stay a bit longer, or they come back again!
Have fun!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That carving looks great! I can't wait to see the printed results!