Saturday, 27 November 2010

The pointy end.

We are fast approaching the pointy end of the school year. Only three weeks left and I've very nearly completed all my reports - about 300 art reports and 28 year three general class ones. So no I probably shouldn't be blogging I 'should' be finishing what I need to finish so I can breathe a sigh of relief than I can blog or whatever else I choose to do  like crochet or printmaking without any guilt whatsoever.

I've started going to the pool again so I need to have a nice bag to take all my stuff in. It is almost finished. Well the crochet part. I am going to line it and make a zip up section for a bit of money. They make passable coffee at the Fremantle pools so sometimes we stop and have a coffee after our swim. Tim, Bantam Boy and his girlfriend have been coming with me.

I did print that flower from my previous post. The print, ie the design looks quite good but the printing ink I used was not at all what I expected. I used permaset, an ink I have used previously with much success. But this time I used green as I was making it for my sister and green is her colour. The ink was very thin and refused to make that lovely 'kissy' noise that printmaking ink makes as you put it onto the plate and roll it, and it printed very streaky. Not nice. Perhaps I might need to use a foam roller with this type of ink.
When I've finished my reports I will experiment a little and get back to you about it.


2paw said...

Definitely the pointy end!! Only 14 days of school left here.
Your bag is so pretty, I love the combination of the stripes and the roundy roundy motifs!!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That bag is looking very pretty! Good luck with getting the reports finished so that you can start holidays!

inkberryblue said...

Hopefully, you've done all your reports by now. (I also hope they haven't made you write comments for the art reports this semester.) I've just finished all my proofreading so mine are all done and dusted. Hooray!!!!
I really love your bag...and I've been looking through your pinterest ideas for art activities too. Thank you!

shelley said...

hi there - i stumbled on your site while searching for images from the classic golden book...the little red hen...just wanted to comment that i really love your work and your student's art. i can't wait to try the butterfly collage that you created with my two girls.
best - shelley

Luhlahh said...

300 reports is quite a lot, I have to say....