Thursday 20 January 2011

A story with two happy endings.

Yesterday I was in a bit of a fluster trying to gather together enough ID for Chicky Babe so she could apply for her learners permit. It was hot and I've been feeling out of sorts emotionally for a week or so. We had to drive hither and thither. Firstly we went into the licencing centre with her birth extract and student ID and her bank card, None of these were acceptable. She needed her birth certificate and something that had her name and address on it like a bank statement or bill of some sort. She lives at home with me - hence I get the bills and she doesn't work so she hasn't had any activity on her bank account that is in her name (the other one is in my name in trust for her) So off we went to the births registry office to get a copy of her birth certificate and then to the bank to sort out what to do with her statement. Because there had been no activity on it since the last statement they couldn't print one off. So we had to deposit a small amount into it then they would be able to print it off the next day.
While we were near the shop we did a bit of grocery shopping and got name tags for the cat and dog. From there we went to another shop to buy the most recent Dr Who magazine Chicky Babe is hankering for. It is at this point that we realise that my cards are no longer in my purse. My licence, visa and access account etc.
I felt sick. I haven't lost my cards like that since...I can't remember when! (Bantam Boy has done so frequently!)
We were desperately retracing our steps and I was thinking that I would have to cancel my cards when my phone rang. It was Bantam Boy. A woman had just left our place she had found my cards with the address on the licence and delivered them to our house.
She did not leave her name or anything so I am unable to thank her but I was really touched by her good deed. You so often hear of things going badly and dishonesty in our world it is nice to hear a story with a happy ending. I'm sending her all the warmest of best wishes I wish I could let her know just how grateful I am! Maybe I'll post a note at the shopping center.
Oh and this morning we went back to the bank to collect her statement and then to the licencing place so Chicky Babe could sit her theory test. She now has her learners permit and we have had our first driving lesson. Don't tell Bantam Boy but she is easier to teach than he was. Apart from staying on the right side of the road during this time she doesn't argue back at me if I tell her something! Phew!

Friday 14 January 2011


Today I had one of the most lovely afternoons ever. Right here in my very ordinary neighbourhood.

I asked Chicky Babe and Bek if they would like to come for a walk down to the local coffee shop to help me boost my exercise for the day. I bribed them with a milkshake or whatever they wanted. To my surprise they said yes!
We sat for over 2 hours chatting and chatting and chatting. The weather was perfect and the company delightful! Bek was surprised that I would sit and chat seriously about Dr Who (I also have a Geeky side!) she couldn't imagine her parents doing that!
Truly what more could you wish for in a perfect afternoon than spending lovely time with your almost 18year old daughter and 'adopted' daughter!

Wednesday 12 January 2011

High and dry.

Bantam Boy and his girlfriend flew over to Sydney to spend some time with her family. From there they all went up to Brisbane and then to the gold coast. He rang me this morning to say that they tried to drive back to Sydney but can't  as the roads have been blocked because of the flooding. Luckily they are just inconvenienced but are safe and sound. The same for BB's traveling buddy who is still on the road in a flooded area out of Brisbane but it is not one of the worst areas and he is on high ground too.

Saturday 8 January 2011

Getting creative.

This is how I've been going with my new year goal of doing more art work.

In between lunches or coffee with the girls I've done quite a bit of drawing, some lino prints and some painting and some crochet.

Oh I do love holidays.
 This lino print I took from this photo. I really loved the image and it kind of spoke to me of the friendships women have how they support one another. I used one of the least successful prints to try hand painting it - a la Margret Preston style.

There is an exhibition for art educators coming up in February and I'm going to submit some work. One is the little 10x10 chicky babe painting. These items are put up for silent auction and any money raised is given to PMH (Children's hospital) it is very nearly finished.

The second one will I think be a mixed media piece, The crow consuming pears- a painting which is only in it's pencil stage as yet and this delicate crocheted wire hollow form pear will go with it.
Now I have to go and be mum's taxi service then get back to painting.

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Tiny little chicky babe

Drawing number 1. (Scanning the image has lost some of the lovely smudgy details that I love about pencil drawings.)
I'm not sure if this will become a painting or a lino print. Leaning towards painting.

Sunday 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I've said hello to the new year quietly and it seems I'm not alone. Several people I've spoken to have spent the new year celebrating at home or missing the moment completely! My poor mum is in Bali - what is poor about that?- well she has been sicker than she has ever been there ever. 
I've been enjoying myself cooking, crocheting writing and drawing.
This mess made...
some of the most delicious tangy lemon butter. 
My lemons are tiny but jam packed with juicy lemony flavour. I used this recipe for microwave lemon curd but I felt it wasn't thickening properly so after about 5 minutes of cooking I added 2 desert spoons of cornflour mixed with a little water and cooked it for a further minute.
I bought an old footstool some time ago at a garage sale. It has been used quite a bit outside on the patio when the children have friends over but it's ugliness has always bothered me. I have been meaning to make a cover for it for ages and I've finally begun. 

I found this cute little fellow at a garage sale this morning while we were out and about having a late breakfast.
Yesterday I made this little fridge calender. I used the draw a table function on word to create just the look I was after two months per A4 page and a little space for notes. I highlighted the special dates for my family and used my favourite images from my Pinterest Boards. Then I printed them on photo card and cut them out and used a magnetic clip to clip them to the fridge.
The little photo on the fridge is of my little chickens who are now all but grown. I love this photo and keep it to remind them and me that even though they sometimes squabble they love each other dearly. They used to be each other's best of friends. They were SO cute and don't even come up to the freezer part of the fridge.
Time flies! And now I am getting nostalgic!
As with most people I've been thinking about what the new year will bring. This year I plan to do more creative things ( and old familiar cry!). I am hoping that working mostly in the art room and one day as support rather than a classroom teacher will give me some free head space to be able to do some more art work more easily.
This year there are plans for me to work collaboratively with one of the universities working with students doing a masters in education with a unit about the 'artistic and creative child'. That will be both exciting and challenging for me as it is the first time I have worked with adults in this way.
This year is also finally my long service year with my babies as adults and for years I have dreamed of going to Europe when they were old enough to leave on their own for some time. So hopefully in October I will be spending 2 weeks in an apartment in Paris and exploring Venice, Florence and Rome and perhaps Spain. It will depend on how far my money stretches. So fingers crossed that the Australian dollar remains strong.
Then I have the usual new year resolutions like get back onto the weight watchers wagon. I want to be able to fit comfortably in those economy air plane seats and be fit enough to walk up 6 flights of Parisian apartment stairs!