Monday 13 August 2012

It gets worse before it gets better

This is the mess I have created this afternoon. I'd planned to do it on Sunday but I had a bit of the flu and spent most of the day in bed. I didn't feel well this morning either so I spent most of the morning in bed, but by mid afternoon I started to feel better. I enlisted the aid of tim the toolman and braved the black hole of junk that was my studio

For a few years it has become the dumping ground for stuff no one wants to deal with right away. Like old stuff tim has well meaningly bought home...but truely I don't think I'm going to make my own sausages with the old home sausage making machine. Then the kids would clear up the patio area for a party and cram stuff into the studio - like some plants that looked a little less than well, certainly they were very unwell when I moved them out today. There were boxes of bits and pieces, I've sorted through them quickly and roughly chucking the real junk and doing a preliminary sort.

We've swept, dusted, fixed door handles and blinds. I used an axe to scrape a big dollop of dried up paint from my work table. Now the patio is a bit of a mess but tim took a trip to the Good Sammy's and there are piles of things that need to go in the garden shed or the storage shed, then perhaps a bit of a furniture shuffle and it will be ok.

I've even hung up some cute little flying birds above the door and made a very simple curtain to filter the harsh morning sun that has faded the floor rug. It needs a lot of work still finishing off the building, window edging and putting an insulated ceiling in. Because it is very very very hot in summer and a little cold in winter, though give me a Perth winter any day over the heat of high summer!

As it is almost my birthday tim has bought me an online art class, ode to nature by Alisa Burke. It is about finding inspiration in nature. Mostly for me I'm interested in it to use as a prompt to get me back into it. Also I could do with a bit of exercise so a walk around the park or river with a sketch book has got to be better than nothing at all! Then it won't be exercise it will be for art's sake. ;)


This clean out is the beginning . One of the ladies I work with is having a baby and has asked me to paint something for her baby's room. I should have done it weeks ago but I've had nowhere to do it! So hopefully I'll be able to post my progress at getting back to being creative here. I really don't want to waste my day off doing non arty stuff so having somewhere to work is important.

Now I'll have to be really firm about not letting anyone pile junk in my studio!