Sunday 9 October 2011


Chicky Babe found this free travel blog site and set me up with a travel blog. You can map your journey, write posts and upload photos. Later on you can turn it into a book too which could be cool- depending on how much it costs.
Anyway I will try to post on my travelpod site while I an away. Some of the kids from school are interested in following my trip- I taught Social Studies to them and we researched cities of the world and had to persuade me to visit the city and tell me why they thought people first settled there. So they are keen to see where I go and what I see there. So I promised that if I had time I would post some photos for them. As I would rather they didn't have access to my personal blog this alternative seems like a good option. So if you'd like to check on my trip progress check out bernadettek's great adventure.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

oh oh!

I thought french women don't get fat. Therefore I thought that I wouldn't be able to find things to buy while I was there.
I thought I'd google plus size fashion Paris.

I am delighted to find that there are a few shops - in fact some somewhat close to where I will be staying. Although these models don't look all that plus size to me they have clothing size 16 upwards. I like the print on this t-shirt, it looks very 1920's from what I can see, it reminds me of my favourite silent movie star book.)

This could be dangerous to my budget. I think I will have to pack less, as advised by Fifi and take my credit card.

crocheted hats and 'smart casual'

I've been busy crocheting some hats to wear on my holiday. They go with my outfits and scarves that I've made and received as a gift for my birthday from Anki.


I've had fun making them up as I go. increasing until they match the size of a beret then decreasing again until it fits snugly on my head.

This photo looks like I've been punched in the eye. I assure you I have not. I do however have a cold and a  tooth ache and I am off to the dentist tomorrow. I am hoping that the darkness is from my sinusitis and that fixing my tooth might fix that too. Or maybe I need more sleep and less stress.
I am so phobic when it comes to the dentist that I have put this off and off but now I have faced the fact that it needs to be taken care of and my holiday will be all the better for it. But I am feeling quite sick with anxiety about it.

Oh we did have success with Tim's 'smart casual' attire for our trip- once I put my foot down and took him in hand and took him shopping (much to the amusement of the girls in the shop.) But I think that the effect is quite good.

Saturday 1 October 2011

But the cat was wet...

I went to find my brush to brush my hair this morning.
It was on the floor in my daughter's bedroom - full of cat fur!!!!
"But the cat was wet and we needed something to brush her with, it was an emergency."
I note that none of them thought the emergency warranted them using their own brushes to brush the cat.

Prelude to the story.
The poor old dog has fleas for the first time in his life (maybe the second time.) He is an inside dog predominately and we rarely have had any problems with these nasty little creatures. But the cat tends to wander and brought home fleas from the neighbour. I know exactly which neighbour because Tim works at bunnings and the neighbour didn't recognise tim and asked his assistance filling him in on the extent of his dogs flea infestation and the need to flea bomb their house.
So poor old pablo somehow managed to dislodge his flea collar and now has terrible flea bites on the inside of his legs which are driving him crazy. Tim bought some flea shampoo and gave him a bath and the kids decided that the cat was in need of a bath too.

2 weeks to go till we fly out... trying to find some "smart casual" travel clothing for tim, not as easy as it sounds.
Plus how much do I need to pack??? 7 weeks away. I've got a pair of jeans, a pair of thick pull on black stretchy pants for on the plane, 3 tunic style tops that go with leggings and my boots or my pants/jeans and clog style slip on shoes. A black wrap dress and a black skirt. A pair of sneakers disguised as a pair of mary janes, a couple of light cardigans and a thin plain black wollen jumper, long sleve thermals and several scarves and wooly hats. Oh and several pairs of black tights. Oh and a weatherproof black jacket.
How does that sound?