Thursday 21 January 2010

Down load reload!

Yay. Fresh monthly downloads have commenced. Now I can do a little blogging catch up and see what people are up to and start uploading some pictures of what I've been doing. Which has actually been surprisingly little as we have had a icky heatwave here in perth that has subsided in the last day or so. I don't function particularly well in the heat.

This rose if from my garden which is beginning to fare better with the addition of reticulation (Thanks Tim!) and hence more regular application of water and the shade sail that has meant the rose buds survive and bloom rather than bake in the searing heat.

I have however taken a big step to remedy the problem of my sloth like behaviour in the horrible heat and have installed an air conditioning unit in the lounge/kitchen area. This bought on a flourish of cleaning and organizing in that room that is long overdue. All the skirting boards are now dust free and my book shelf is sorted and de- cluttered, within reason. I will not change overnight.

I have decided that although I have made a resolution in the past to never make a new year resolution ever again. (This helps me to stick to my resolution, ie. don't have one!) I have decided to spend a bit of time, once or twice a week, going through my magazine collection and tearing out images that I find interesting for whatever reason and pasting them into my visual diary. This has two benefits. I end up with a collection of inspiring images that have already started some ideas bubbling and I get rid of a pile of magazines that are taking up storage space!

I need to make some more jewellery pieces as the floral and suffolk puff ones I put in the shop just prior to Christmas have been selling and I need to do a few more to replace them. But I want to do something similar but a little different.

Oh by they way thank you for your help in deciding what to put on my little tags. I went with
Little Red Hen: Picture of hen: Hand crafted by Bernadette.
Right I'm off to browse and see what everyone has been up to.