Monday, 14 December 2009

A new job and a question.

I went into a local boutique/indie craft type shop not too far from where I live. It is called Red Feathers and a Hula Hoop. They sell hand crafted stuff by local artists alongside vintage crochet rugs and bric-a-brac and recycled, refashioned items. They also run workshops for both adults and children.

I showed them my necklaces and a couple of HANDbags. They loved them and have taken the lot on consignment. One of the ladies said "these are lovely but it is you that I really want, to teach workshops. You are just the type of person we need."

So now I have a new job. Well she has booked me in for a definite spot in the October holidays but is keen to have me take some Saturday workshops before then. She was very persuasive and before I knew it I had said yes. Mind you I quite like working with small groups, plus they would be kids that actually want to be there. I'm going to think on it a bit before I commit to more teaching work, plus I didn't even think to ask how much they pay. Maybe it would be good to get some extra cash before my Thailand trip.

So now I need to make up some more little name tags with my little red hen picture on them (Like the one in my side bar.)

But the problem is I don't know if I should go just 'Red Hen' at the bottom of the picture or have 'dette's designs' (someone said I should have my name on them so people get to know it.) I did one that had both 'dette's designs' small at the top then the picture then 'Red Hen' in larger font at the bottom.

What do you think I should put? dette's designs and let the picture say 'little red hen'
Just Red Hen or both????


Luhlahh said...

I though your name WAS 'Little Red Hen' ;-)

It might be confusing to have 'Little Red Hen' and 'Dette's Designs' both on the card, it's like having two names for your business.
I think, (Humbly) choose one or the other, and then also include your actual name. i.e. 'Dette's designs': Odetta Wildenwise, or 'Little Red Hen': Odetta Wildenwise.

Do you like the real name I made up for you? Tee Hee Hee...

It's has been an incredibly long day, please forgive this outburst of superflous commentary....

inkberryblue said...

Here's my two cents worth: I like Luhlahh's idea of "Little Red Hen": Odetta Wildenwise because I think it's important to get your name out there and allow people to follow you through your blog.
The idea of working with small groups of receptive children sounds fabulous! Congratulations on getting the job.
I'm still keen to buy your lovely HANDbag. Please let me know if this is still OK (when you get time.)
Happy Monday!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I think Red Hen Designs:(real name) would work well.

tutu said...
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