Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas crafting.

Having had my main christmas event and having no money at present (The ex is not paying any maintenance at the moment, but will in late january) I am spending time hanging about making stuff. I will have to do some very last minute present shopping for my chicks when I get paid again on thursday- not looking forward to that one bit, the shopping on christmas eve part not the present buying part!
Oh no! I'll also have to do food shopping for christmas dinner too (Just a simple re-run of last week, me kids, Tim, Mum and Ron- but I will need to get some food to make dinner with!) but the supermarket/food shops will be hellish!
But right now I'm enjoying flicking through magazines and doing a bit of crochet for no particular reason other than just the fun of it.

My friend 'A' saw these lovely potholders by Annepaalandet on Ravelry. There was no pattern for it so we both spent time trying to figure out just how she created the triangular pattern. I think I came pretty close in the end.

Then 'A' distracted me with this particularly pretty potholder (which I had saved the pattern for 6months ago and forgotten completely about.)

The next little distraction came in the form of this little birdie from Attic24. There is a pattern but I didn't actually follow it. I made up my own wing shape and crocheted the beak directly onto the circle after it had been sewn together.
Not exactly sure what I'll do with it now...put it on the christmas tree?


fifi said...

I hope you have a lovely time. I haven't visited or commented much I'm afraid! I was going to ask you to amke some things I could buy from you and of course have now left it too late...maybe in the new year i can buy some craft for birthdays instead.

I hope oyu survive Christms day: I will be, since i just scored a last minute table at the most wonderful venue and have been let off cooking. Hooray.
Happy Christmas to you!

Sarah said...

Cute birdie. I've got so much to do to get ready for tomorrow too (wrapping presents, making desserts...) Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

Luhlahh said...

These are funky. I love how bold you are with your colours. Wild and Wicked!
Hope you have a lovley Christmas and New Year!
And that you guys treat yourselves to something nice when the first cheque comes in.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Gorgeous work! I especially love the second one, it's very 'mum like.

Kirti said...

Happy new year to you sweet Ms B, and yes lots happening I hardly ever turn the computer on these days...but thinking of you all and loving your garden and your craftiness! Much lovexxxxxxxxxxxx

Victoria said...

i LOVE crochet
i love your blog aswell..keep coming back to see if you update..its soo interesting :)
thank you