Sunday, 20 December 2009

I'm completely stuck for a title...

Now I feel like I'm on holidays! I plan to sit on my couch, crocheting and reading a magazine or two today. Last night my sister and her family, my mum and step dad came over for our Christmas dinner. (My sister lives in Northam and doesn't like to drive here on christmas day. Then my kids have to fit in seeing their dad and his family so we decided to have christmas early. At my place! Which has been looking like a bomb had gone off in it up until yesterday afternoon (Don't look in my bedroom, and be careful if you open the linen cupboard!!!!!) I had to move classrooms on friday too so I'm over dealing with mess! so the bedroom and cupboard will just have to wait.

I should have taken a photo when the table was set, not post party with sauce spots! I used a simple stencil that I cut from card and some ordinary acrylic paint with a fabric medium additive to print this tablecloth, 4 meters long to cover the two tables to accommodate everyone . We'll see if the additive works, because it really will need to be washed before I use it again on Christmas day.

But for now I intend to spend my time crocheting or relaxing on my hammock which now has a net to stop those pesky flies, bugs and a very occasional bird calling card from interrupting my slumber! $14 at Ikea well spent I think.
The view from my hammock.
It is so hot here right now. The lawn has suddenly gone brown and alot of my plants have been singed out the front. Tim managed to buy me an enormous shade sail cheaply to protect my garden from the radiant heat from the paving out the front. I might be able to sit out her this summer to do my crochet, now that we have some shade. And with a little TLC over the holidays it might be a nice place to sit.

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Luhlahh said...

Yay for holidays! Enjoy yours too! L