Saturday, 1 December 2007

To market to market

I love bags! So much so my friends have been known to call me the bag lady. I made these from some of my favorite fabrics. They are lined with little pockets inside to keep important things like your phone in.

Crocheted and embroidered textile brooches. I used some cute little retro buttons on the flower centers.

My girl modeling one of my favorite aprons.

Well, I gave it a go. A friend and myself shared a stall and sold a few things. I am considering different avenues to sell my things. As a single mum working full time trying to produce enough to have a stall all to myself is a bit overwhelming. Also finding the right market is also important. I don't want to give my work away so with that in mind I curbed my creative desire to spend hours on a single piece to create fun pieces more quickly. However I refuse to glue brooches together. Even if it would make the profit margin greater,I think they look better and last longer if they are made properly.
I have a new camera that I have been using to take some photo's of the things I've been making but I don't know how to put them on here. I'll give it a go.....
Somehow the photo went back up to the top of the text.I don't know why. How do you people put the photos and then the text and then more photos?
Ah ha! that's how. Lucky I am on holidays now so I can figure out this new medium!

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