Sunday, 16 December 2007

No Tree!

Browsing through blogs of others I realize I am far behind in the Christmas cheer department. This picture is from some time ago. There is not one decoration in sight at this point. I am debating the pros and con's of a real Christmas tree this year. Bantam Boy and I both like the little grow in the pot variety. Chicky Babe likes (Well used to like) the fake one that was so much taller than she was, especially when it stood on the table in the corner of the lounge. I like the look of a real one- (that has been chopped down) but they have a tendency to look a bit dry and bits fall everywhere. Maybe it is our hot climate that is responsible for this. Or my decidedly ungreen thumb.
Chicky Babe has just started a little part time job (after school and weekends) I cried when she put her uniform on. I didn't cry at the normal time like the beginning of school or at the end of primary school. (As a teacher I've seen many mothers do this) But to see my baby in a work uniform I realized that she was not a baby any more and I now have Two almost grown children. With this the magic that used to come with christmas has kind of gone. I think I need to make an effort to try and recapture the 'Christmas Spirit' perhaps taking time to reinstate some christmas traditions might make christmas seem more christmassy.

A taste of christmas past. This is from when the kids were little. In our old house. Ahh. I remember those huge stockings. I used to be able to fill them realatively inexpensively. Now they want new "toys" a less than one tenth of the size but more than ten times as expensive!!!
Tomorrow I will do something to remedy the situation.I can't find a picture of my current house and I dare not post a picture of what it looks like just now. It is too messy. I've been trying to remain sane with the end of year workload (reports, graduation & some very excited children) as well as trying to make enough stuff to put into the stalls I have had recently. So the house in general is lacking a bit of TLC. Tomorrow...Well Today actually Lets see if Bantam Boy & Chicky Babe can be enthused about a late Spring clean.

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