Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Still not feeling christmassy

Ok I might not be feeling it but I'm trying hard!

Our christmas tree. Yes a real one Chicky Babe decided it would be a good idea after all! We made the little ceramic doves and hearts last year and she decided we would stick to a simple theme of the red and white, using a fraction of our decorations rather than the poor tree groaning under the weight of all the decorations usually added!

Christmas carols on the lawn at the school where I teach. With daylight saving there was not a candle, torch or lighter in sight. It was still daylight by the time most of us left.

We also found some cute little clip on birds at the garden shop where we bought the tree. They are bright red with real feathers stuck on for tails and crests.Sorry the photo is not clearer. I will work on that.

Even the elves are helping to add christmas cheer, hanging the lights on the curtain rail!


I hope that your christmas was merry, I saved this rather than posting it. Better late than never hey?

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