Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter sunday leisurely breakfasts and Work in Progress

It was just Chicky Babe and myself for breakfast this morning, Bantam Boy went to a party and stayed the night. Funny thing was my mum & step dad went to the same party! Small world when your grandparents go to the same party that you are going too! They didn't stay the night though.

We had a leisurely breakfast before we went to pick up BB. and had lunch at mum's. I love this tea set, my friend Tim found the pieces at various garage sales and op shops for me knowing I am very partial to blue and white china. This evening I went to see Brick Lane with a friend and after stopped for a bite to eat at a new organic cafe in Fremantle. It was delightful. I really enjoyed the movie apparently the book was really good too. I read another by the same author and found it most disappointing.

I've been so busy I've kind of neglected catching up with friends. It has been too easy to curl up and be a bit reclusive at times. This particular friend has been busy too with a new job but even so I have tended to avoid 'going out' of late. I tend to go through phases where its all a bit much and I feel I've not that much to offer, my life being so ordinary and it's easier to curl up with a good book or DVD. Other times I think that being able to create an ordinary life for my two delightful children is actually something quite extraordinary especially being confronted in my job with so many children whose lives are far from ordinary and not in a positive way.

I spent 6 hours working at school on good friday and another three and a half yesterday and I was looking forward to a couple of quiet days for the rest of the easter break and hoping to make a start on those skirts I have in mind and now a jacket too for my trip to Melbourne (I'm thinking red corduroy lined with paisley that I found at the same place I found the vintage patterns!) A friend knitted me a delicious red beret style woolly hat with a big rose on the side so I'll make the jacket to match it. Maybe I need some red leather shoes too.

Anyway the quiet aspect of the next couple of days has certainly been threatened, the kids were going to have a sleep over with the drama kids at someone else's house- lovely a night of me time! but no there has been some kind of mix up and the girl who was hosting can no longer do so and we now have the pleasure of doing so. I've said yes with the understanding that it will be quiet time after 12 and that there is to be minimal giggling and no screaming and chasing each other around the house at 2 or 3 in the morning. It's times like these I wish I had a bigger house and I hope and pray that my studio can be saved!

I've started a shopping bag, green corduroy with paisley pieces appliquéd and then crocheted around. Maybe I'll get that done.

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Kirti said...

Ms Hen you ARE amazing doing all that you do and being such a wonderful mama. The hotel sounds in perfect location and is probably close to Pellagrini's (best coffee anywhere ever!)You have to come and have dinner with us!
Your blog is looking lovely - you worked out the photo thing! Save some money for shopping at Camberwell Market it's thrifter's heaven.