Friday, 21 March 2008

Plans,dreams and wishful thinking

Chicky babe wants to go to Melbourne to see Wicked. Now, just any ordinary ticket is not good enough for her, she particularly wants to have the super duper cocktail tickets with the extra special treats like drinks and nibbles at intermission. She does not suffer her mothers general mantra of making do and going for the cheaper option! She values herself and believes she deserves to have the best not that she is spoiled, rather that she does not undervalue herself or sell herself short. I actually admire her self assuredness!

Hopefully we will be able to make the whole thing come together , ie flights, tickets and hotel. We found a hotel that looks quite nice on the net which is I believe in the Bourke Hill precinct. It is called the Punt Hill on Little Bourke St. On the net I discovered it is nearby to many eating places including one called Piadina Slowfood which sounds quite interesting. Especially since I suffer from allergies to preservatives, colouring and flavorings used in food at many restaurants. This makes traveling and eating out a bit tricky. Luckily there is a move away from using prepackaged stuff. The hotel appears to be close to tram lines and public transport.

The kids and I are quite keen to see snow while we are there if it is possible. The net has provided me with some information about Lake Mountain, it tells me it is about 2hours from Melbourne and makes it a good place for a day trip and that there are bus tours that operate etc. But I cant find out where, when or how much they cost. We don't want to ski, sorry, I don't want to ski. Chicky babe would give it a go! Bantam Boy might too. But if we are going to splurge on the theater tickets there is not a huge budget available for the rest of the trip. (Especially since Bantam boy is off to Sydney to compete a sporting comp soon too.) Anyway I have never seen snow and would like to if there is the opportunity to do so.

It is funny really everything else has been so easy to plan and explore on line!
There are no pictures today. I've spent 6 hours cleaning up my art room at school today (this is the first chance I have had to get into it.) I have to go back and finish it tomorrow. The two skirts that are whirling around in my head along with some silver jewelery are just going to have to wait!!! Plans are being drawn up for the studio to be "retro submitted", so all is not lost yet!

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