Saturday, 19 July 2008

Do a little dance...

I had been a little worried about the amount of money I had managed to put aside for our little holiday. As you know I am not particularly good with paperwork and bills etc. This has turned out to be a good thing in a way because I just did last year's tax and was hoping that the cheque would come through on time for us to use it in Melbourne. The accountant was sure it would take 2 weeks at most. On Wednesday I popped into his office to find out what was happening (It was almost 3 weeks by this stage.) His secretary said she would chase it up for me. She rang back later and it had been issued that day and would be in the next day. Phew! this meant that I didn't have to watch every penny every day while we were there.

I went in the next day to collect the cheque so I could deposit it into the bank so it would clear quickly. All the while stressing hoping that the full amount the accountant estimated would be correct.

"The cheque is not the same as the estimate.."the secretary started
"oh no" I thought, my fears were correct.
"It is a bit more." she continued

"Great!" Not only was it a little more it was double what I was expecting!!! and I was happy with the amount I was expecting! "Fantastic! Now My kids and I can have a great holiday!"

And I danced a little dance of joy right there in the office. ACTUALLY danced not on the inside like any sane normal person but a jaunty little jig. As I got into my car I had one of those moments where I realised I had danced "out loud" and not kept it in my head. (Reading One Little Acorn's post about dancing bought this back to me.) Now I've shared it with all of you!

Anyway now I have had a bonus and I bought Bantam Boy and myself a new suitcase each.
Both were on special but mine was a super bargain. $50 for the suitcase and $35 for the matching hand luggage bag!

This one is mine.There seems to be a theme happening here- with red being a strong feature at the moment. (BB went for plain black)

However my new coat is purple- although it looks grey in this picture

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one little acorn said...

What a bonus - I would have been dancing too. It will make the holiday even more enjoyable. I love that you did a little jig there and then. Yay for a big bonus at taxtime!