Saturday, 5 July 2008

Time flies!!!

Gosh it's now july! And just a little under two weeks since I have made a post. It's been pretty busy round here coming up to the end of term. Not just for me but for my kids too. There in lies the blogging problem, They have been madly finishing off assignments and checking their homework using MSN (or so they tell me!) The upshot has been that the computer has been pretty much monopolized and otherwise available at particularly unreasonable hours.

Bantam Boy is off to Sydney on Monday with the team for a fencing competition. He will be with a group with the coach but not with his Mum! I know logically that he is fine, he's almost an adult etc etc.... but it is remarkably hard to let them go without a pang of nostalgia and a dash of worry!

I've been knitting furiously making him a scarf to wear in Sydney and for Melbourne. It is only about two weeks until we all go on our holiday. It means I will have this two week school holiday break and then another 7 days off school. I am really looking forward to it now. There appears to be so much in the way of art to see and we are going to catch up with friends to go and play in the snow!!! ( I think I may have said this already!)

I have decided to make myself a 'shawl' or 'capelet?' anyway one of the ladies at work had a big rectangular wrap that had a zip half at each end, it closed in the front and was a bit like a poncho I suppose. So I was inspired to have a go at making something similar however I wanted mine to have buttons and be more like a shawly kind of number. It is in plain old stocking stitch. With the vvvvv pattern on one side and the bumpy pattern on the reverse. It will button so that the shawl drapes showing the contrast of textures between the two, well that's my plan. I made BB's scarf in a chocolaty brown rib stitch. I am really happy with the final product I really love the textures of those plain stitches but boy, they are both very boring to knit. Thank goodness I can knit and not look at the work as I go and have kept my brain amused with some DVD's and a bit of crappy TV. What a shame you can't knit and blog simultaneously!

I also spent a bit of time working on my Babette blanket squares. I worked out an arrangement that is pretty much rectangular.

I've taken a picture with my hand in the shot to give some sense of scale.

If I repeat this 4 times I'll have a rug that is about 90cm by about 120cm maybe a tad bigger if I crochet a slightly thicker boarder around it.

I'm a little unhappy with the quality of these pictures, the focus seems a little off.

I found this message on my fridge the other day. I first thought it meant that home was a sanctuary then I worried that one of them was seeking sanctuary. It turned out that one of Chicky babes friends left it. She is a bit like an adopted daughter round here and she calls me her third mum. ( she has a step mum here and a biological mum in another state.) I like that she feels comfortable in my home. It is indeed a sanctuary. Phew! I am a very fortunate mother really as my kids have lovely friends.

Speaking of which there are 6 teenagers here again for a sleep over. The usual sleep over crowd. I was pushed out of my own lounge room earlier so the mattresses could be thrown on the floor and movies watched. It is strangely quiet and has been for a while ........


Usually I am begging them to keep the noise down at 3am! They must have been tired, see it has been a busy week or two!


Hollabee said...

I really like your crochet squares...they'll make a super cool blanket.

hope you got some sleep with a full house :)

Kirti said...

blanket looks gorgeous!! Hope it's not too heart wrenching watching BB take off! Looking forward to catching up!