Friday, 27 February 2009


Sarah at with a cherry on top tagged me to post about the 6th photo in the 6th folder. Well actually it's the 6th in the 7th folder, the 6th was actually Chicky babe's photos and not really my place to post them.
This is my pal Pablo. He's about 9 years old now. It's Pablo as in Picasso not as in the coffee as some suspect. (I hate instant coffee and that stuff is pretty bad! So I am a tad insulted when people think I named him after a cheap coffee brand!) I didn't actually name him he named himself.
I didn't really want to have a dog- one more thing to take care of, but Chicky babe did and she kept on and on at me.
"I'll brush him every day and wash him on the weekend." (yeah right!)
'I'll feed him" (Maybe once every now and then!)
"I'll pick up the poop!" (Bahahahah! Now that's funny!)
Anyway I used to get dragged into pet shops all the time. Then one day while the cherubs were with their dad I walked past a pet shop and had the strangest urge to go in. I was puzzled as it really wasn't something I did for a lark. So in I went and there he was. This funny puppy with the motley coat sitting with his brothers and sisters -all sleek and black with little white dabs on their chests. "HI" he called "look at me I'm really cute. Take me home! Take me home!"
I found myself hypnotised and enquiring about his breed (German Coolie, retriever cross) and cost. Soon I came to my senses and left.
Then about 5 days later I walked past the shop again, this time with Chicky babe, who knew nothing about my earlier encounter, in tow. "Can we go in mummy?" "OK...." If he's still there he might just be supposed to be ours and I'll think about maybe buying him.
Well as soon as we walked in he was there hanging over the glass of his cage saying "HI! I new you'd be back." So after some considerable damage to my credit card we took him home.
Once home we started to try out different names on him. Each time we said Pablo his ears pricked up and he turned his head. Anything else we tried had no reaction at all so Pablo it was.
He is a beautiful dog with a sweet, gentle kind nature. One day a friends baby had him caught by the ear and he just stood there pleading with his eyes for help. If told not to touch food he won't even if afore mentioned babies press yummy morsels into his nose.
He shares my bed, protects the house and collects socks one at a time depositing them where ever he's going leaving us with no pairs of socks! It's the retriever in him he always needs something in his mouth when he gets excited. Especially when going in the car or to answer the door- socks or my D cup bra! Now that was embarrassing! He leaves tumble weed clumps of dog hair blowing across the wood floors (Chicky Babe does not brush him every day) and he is most definitely a girls best friend.
Actually this was fun to do. A bit of a random thing. So if you fancy giving it a go too consider yourself tagged!


one little acorn said...

And he is looking at you with total adoration! You were obviously meant for each other!
Love the name and the story too.

Sarah said...

Aw... he's a sweetie. Actually Jasper apparently has some Lab in him so he always has to greet us with something in his mouth. Fortunately he is mainly an outside dog so he rarely has access to underwear but Dad's flip flops have taken a bit of a battering!

Thanks for playing!

Rachel Power said...

What a great name for a dog! He's gorgeous.

fifi said...

He is a lovely dog. My son would love a dog but we could not care for one.

re that post: a ghost post! i have no idea where it came from, or who posted it: I assure you it wasnt me! how very odd.

Isabelle said...

Just popped over from Fifi. What a lovely dog and what lovely dolls. You are clever. And kind.

Juddie said...

Oh! I'm in love! Pablo is adorable ...

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