Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tea in blogland

Ok this is not doing my work but I just felt like spending a morning in 'blogland' drinking tea and eating crumpets- they were gone before I got to the camera!
I'm having a lovely morning browsing beautiful things and listening to Creative thursday podcasts...(I'm sure she's listening to some of the things in my head sometimes.)
and dreaming of embroidered miniatures for brooches.
P.S some time later-
I'm now enjoying croissants and green tea for lunch while still browsing.
although I will have to stop soon to take Bantam Boy to work and pick up Chicky Babe from a sleep over party.

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mayaluna said...

I've been doing the same! Listening to Marisa is so pleasurable. I cleaned up my studio and cut fabric all to her inspirational words. Tea and Crumpets sounds heavenly...