Saturday, 29 August 2009

Who will help me clean this house?

Feeling every bit the little red hen right now. The big 18th is next friday. About 45 people about 18 teenagers including Bantam Boy and the rest a mix of family- grandmother,aunty, uncle, cousins and family friends.
Anyway Chicky babe is still in bed and Bantam Boy has not come home from the party he went to last night!


Sarah said...

Hi. Thanks for the advice- thankfully Mum seems to have calmed down a bit now, so I guess you were right about letting her have her "freak out" :)

At least you managed to downsize the party from 100 teenagers. That could've turned nasty...

fifi said...

Do what I do and sweep everything into the bin.

There. Easy.

Good Luck........( she says nervously) may the force be with you. have just started having outrageous arguments with the 16 year old who wants a party and says me not letting her friends drink is LAME.