Saturday, 22 August 2009

I will survive...

I have that song stuck in my head at the moment. And it is probably not a bad "mantra" to have. I must admit to feeling a little overwhelmed at present.

I have hit an emotionally low point and this has coincided with the stress of having my baby becoming an adult and going through his final TEE exams. My boy has a mild learning problem - a mild form of dyspraxia which means he has trouble processing large chunks of information so the school has given him some extra reading time to help him get through his exams up until now- we had to apply to the curriculum council to allow him to continue this into his final exams. He tells me he reads the question then when he reads it again it is as if he has never seen it before, so he needs to read it a few times before he knows what it says and to try to understand what it is asking him to do.

He has been working quite hard and in a determined way and often goes to the library straight after school to study and gets home at about 7;30 or 8pm. As a result he was told the other day that his predicted TER score is 80 (which is quite good) so he was quite happy with how things were going. Then that night when we cleared the letter box we found a letter from the curriculum council to say that he has not been granted his application for extra time in his TER. He was so upset saying he was screwed and he may as well just forget it and get a job in a shop. That was just his first reaction, thankfully we have worked through it an d have started to realize that there are options and that he might still do ok without it. We are going to appeal the decision.

And my house is a pigsty and I can't seem to motivate myself to do it all and we have a party here in two weeks. I did manage to clean my room last weekend. So I can rejoice in that. I know I need to just break it down into smaller goals that are achievable and tackle things a bit at a time.

So I haven't had the time or energy to blog and I have a feeling the next two weeks could be a bit hectic too.

Wish me luck!!

P.S. It was my birthday last week. Celebrated very quietly for me- Yum Cha brunch with the kids, mum and Ronnie.


Luhlahh said...

Oh. My Birthday was Tuesday last week. When is yours?
Sorry your son is having a tough time. One thing I always say to the kids is that there are many pathways to get where you want to go, and that Yr 12 is not a 'life sentence' It won't define your life forever and ever. Yes, doing well in yr 12 opens doors, but it is not the only way! So hang in there, tell him to do his best and think laterally about achieving his goals!

little red hen said...

Mine was the monday of last week! Oh I agree with the point that yr 12 does not define your life. I had to tell him that once you sit the exam and get your TER score and get into your life- be it uni, TAFE or not no one knows or cares what your score was!
We will get there- not long to go now- then I have the next one doing it again next year!!!!!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I'm trying not to stress about yr 12 too much, but it's great to hear BB's working so hard. Does he know what he wants to do next year? I seem to recall you saying something about teaching but that may just be my imagination. You only need a TER of 70 for that anyway so he should be fine. Besides, you can get into teaching through TAFE now as long as you get decent grades at school.

Good luck to both of you, and happy belated birthday!

fifi said...


We are all the queens of August birthdays on this here blog comments box. yahoo.

I hope you sort out the appeals thing, that sounds very unfair.

And I am sorry you are so down, I get that way, mainly due to housework and too much to do. You seem to do so much so are allowed to be buggered every so often.

I am sure the lad will get where he wants to be, no matter what the path.

Hope you enjoyed the yum cha. I went to a Sardinian Restaurant, It was really nice.

Take care and look after yourself.

fifi said...

I just realised I didnt actually SAY happy birthday to YOU so

happy birthday miss hen!!

Luhlahh said...

In answer to your Q:
Most of my photos are taken on a Canon Ixus 60, which is getting a bit creaky on the upload after a few years of heavy use! I've seen newer versions in the series for under $400. I love it because it's light, tiny, fits in my handbag and therefore is always handy when I spot a good shot. Big LCD display monitior too.
Occaisionally I borrow a Nikon SLR D60 from work. The Cattle Station photos were taken on that. That one is rather more $$y, and is on my wish list!
I got a large memory card so I can take heaps and heaps of photos, and then just pick out the best ones. Sometimes I play with the colour saturation and contrast in Photoshop, as well as cropping.
I hope that helps. X L

Luhlahh said...

One day diference in B-day!
I went out for Thai-Indian the night before my B Day. Best food I've had in Central Aust. And in good company too! X