Sunday, 13 September 2009

Catch up.

100 balloons!
For the party last week. This image and the next three have been waiting to be uploaded to be used since then!
I've just spent the afternoon trying to find a way to download them after finally finding how to get them off the internal memory of the camera. (Now I'm not exactly sure what I did but it worked! Let's hope it behaves from now on!) Then I discovered that my computer which had to be wiped and re programmed all over again due to some strange computer problem/ virus/something strange involving programmes being wiped off regularly...Does everyone have these problems often or is it just me because I have teens who go to strange and dodgie places on the net??? anyway I digress....I have now found that the camera software/programme that I use to down load photo's with is not on there and I can't find the disc to load it on again!!!!
So I had to put them on the laptop locate a thumb drive and transfer them across.
They really aren't worth all the effort!

Although I did think this was a bit amusing!

And this is my "Trim" that I had at just cuts where she trimmed about 5inches off the back!
But all the kids at school think I look much younger (even some of the year 6/7 boys had positive comments to make about it) and I've had lots of compliments so I've decided I like it after all. Plus I'm getting the hang of what I have to do with it now- which is actually not much! Another bonus!

I finished the floral rug I started a few weeks ago in time for Bantam Boy's party and made a cushion cover to match.

This is my current project. I love the colours and the wool is really nice. Light but warm, merino again but thinner than the 8 ply I used in the last rug.
Bantam Boy thinks the place is beginning to look a little like "The Burrow" and I am a bit like Mrs Weasley (A Harry Potter reference for those of you who don't have kids.) He actually meant it as a compliment. Because Mrs Weasley is homely, as in warm and maternal and a bit potty but she can kick arse when needed.


fifi said...

The hair? Gorgeous. Suits you.

The rugs? Beautiful.

You are definitely Mrs Weasley. And I would hate to be on the bad side of your wand when it was fired up

Sarah said...

Do you send people "howlers", too? ;)

The moustache pic is hilarious.
monobrow + beard + excess nostril hair + fish fin growing out of one ear = brilliant!