Saturday, 27 February 2010

Some things that make me happy

Today I have been thinking about what makes me happy . Here is a small list with a few photos(from my phone so please pardon the grainy quality!)

Clouds make me happy. I had to pull off into the local shopping center car park to capture these.

Not having to drive makes me happy so you can look at things out the window more easily.
I often think that it is little wonder that people believed in the gods in heaven when you get a display like this one. I'm sure I could make out two figures peering over the edge of this one.
A nice bottle of wine and dinner shared with a dear friend on the boardwalk at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. (Especially when it was his treat!) Tim has been trying his best to help lift me from my apathy. And when I said "oh let's not worry about going out, he wouldn't hear of it. It was a lovely balmy evening-maybe a tad hot but the ocean was a great place to be.
Last weekend we scraped an hour or so between chores and taxi duties to have coffee and cake at the Fremantle arts center. -I must go back and grab the next season of weekend workshops. They are a great way to introduce yourself to a new technique or re-inspire you to pull out those tools and materials you have tucked away. I'm convinced my creative brain is not coping with the overly regimented timetable of my school. Before I started at my current location I worked only as an art specialist and all my lessons were an hour long, I thought that was too short sometimes. This school has had me doing 40 or 45 minute classes 7 classes on a Monday! Originally the deputy had all the grades mixed up but one teacher wanted to swap and in the end I now have clusters of middle primary then junior primary. Much easier to cope with. And I have managed to get the three upper grade classes to have their two 45 minute classes moved so they are back to back giving me an hour and a half. SO much better....I digress I used to work 4 days a week and I seemed to cope better with that. That is my dream to reduce my workload again to four days...
Although at times they drive me crazy and it is a tricky time learning to live with them as adults my kids do make me happy as does my lovely companion- Pablo. Here he is lying on my bed smiling.
Thanks Lou for suggesting a way to lift our spirits because although we didn't manage to totally coordinate our blogging the thought was there and it made me think of happy thoughts.


Michaela said...

Love your clouds! Good on you for seeking out things that make you happy. I was a single mum for many years, but am now happily married. I drove past the most beautiful views every day, but never saw them because I was too stressed out. Its a hard road, and its easy to feel swamped. Im sure you are a wonderful art teacher! My main blog is Gimme that teatowel - I'll dry, if you want to check it out. xx

Luhlahh said...

I looove Pablo and his smiling face! And yes, even though our online teaparty was a little wonky logistically, it did give me a lift and I ended up having a better day for it. So i'm glad we did it. Are you on Facebook or Skype? They are good for onlne catch up 'cos you can do the online chat, which is more conversation-y! Are you going to show us your drawing?

Sarah said...

At the school I'm doing work experience at, we get 90 minute art sessions, although most of the younger kids tend to lose focus after about 45 minutes. It's great for the older classes, though.

Also, it's great to hear you're feeling better. And I think my Dad could certainly learn a thing or two from Tim!

fifi said...

both those cloud pictures would make lovely paintings.....
I love clouds so much.

have you donr a drawing? show me.

(was I sposed to do one? did I firget? oh bumble headed I am)

little red hen said...

You are right I took those cloud photo's with painting in mind, this is why I need a better camera phone I always have my phone on me and it would be more convenient if it was a better quality. I saw one that had a 12 megapixel camera but I don't know if I can justify the expense. And no, we didn't say we were going to do a drawing. That was just a coincidence! I'll see if I can make my scanner work and post my drawing.

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