Saturday, 29 May 2010

Hua Hin

I loved Hua Hin and I've just been looking through my photos from day 2 Hua Hin and tweaking some of them using Picasa. I read on another blog which I cant remember just of the top of my head about Picasa and how it was easy to use to straighten image and crop and upload. This is true, it is very straight forward but poxy and you cant do much with it according to Chicky Babe who favours Photo shop!
Anyway there is an option to make a slide show with the photos from your Picasa album and upload it to blogger. So I thought I'd give it a go. You guys might get sick of Thailand photos soon. Just be thankful I'm sorting through them and there is only so much time in the day to upload photos I took about 1500!!!! (Many of them not so good!!!)

Right I'll try to do the slide show thing.

Hmmmmm..... that didn't work. (I tried to past the code in the upload picture section) I'll try this...Paste it directly on where I type my post.

YAY! it worked. That was easy.

Hua Hin had a lovely seaside feel with a strong arty community. The Cicada Art Market was definitely my kind of place. I also discovered here a fantastic fabric shop with the most beautiful soft cotton fabrics- I paid $70 Australian for 3 lengths of fabric (8 meters in all).
The beach here is all rocky and with the stripy buoy on the horizon I felt like I was in a Picasso painting. The horses and brollies had me imagining I would see him and his wife strolling about enjoying the sunshine. It was not exactly like the painting but there was something in the quality of the light and the rocky beach and atmosphere that had it fixated in my head.
The Sofitel Hotel was like stepping into another time. I could imagine I was sitting on the veranda sipping tea waiting for Freddy and George to come in from playing tennis on the lawn. It really appealed to the romantic in me. I just checked out their website. The cost of their cheapest room was equivalent to three nights at the Baan Paloy where we stayed, which was lovely in it's own way and for $50 Australian per night with breakfast for both of us I can't complain!!

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inkberryblue said...

I'm loving the holiday photos!!! They're beautiful and exotic, and I hope you keep them coming! =)