Sunday, 24 October 2010

And the family grows...

Don't panic,
It is not me nor either of my children who are adding to the size of this family! We have adopted a cat.

Meet Sparkles, (as she is adopted we didn't get get to name her!)
Bantam Boy's girlfriend lives on the outskirts of the metro area and has a menagerie of animals that she is responsible while the rest of her family have travelled interstate because of her father's work in the army ( a fact that made BB very nervous when he met them on his travels- think "Meet the Fockers'.) She opted to stay here on her own in order to attend uni- on account of the army will transfer her father again in a couple of years and she wants to stay put to complete her studies. So she was left in charge of the pets- 4 cats a couple of dogs and a small flock of sheep! As she is supporting herself (all be it free of rent, she has to pay for utilities and food etc) she has to work and is attending Murdoch uni and spending time with BB. All the travelling about is making her life a bit stressful so sh has decided to move closer to uni, and the pets have to be dispersed. Chicky Babe has been wanting a cat for ages, as have I but the expense of a new kitten is not high on my budget list just at the moment- so as this one is free, has been sterilised and house trained already it was mutually beneficial. BB's GF gets to see one of her favourite cat's regularly, her most favourite one was her old cat that was about 17 years old and I wasn't prepared to take on a senile old cat. We had 4 to choose from so I made sure to ask questions about them before I took them. The mad one who refused to use a litter tray was definitely out of the question! Sparkles was one that was picked on by the others so we decided to take her. She seems quite happy here and has quickly made friends with Chicky Babe spending most of her time either under or on her bed.
The dog however is a little miffed.

He would like to play with his new friend but she is not so keen.

Last week was ART BLAST (an art exhibition for schools in our district,) about 30 schools participate and as much as everyone says "it's all about the kids" you (well I ) still feel a little stressed and feel that it is a reflection of my teaching and it is a lot of extra work. I was up until 4.30 am monday morning having worked all day sunday went to bed, got up at 7am kept cropping and sticking, went into town to set up was there until 3.40pm. Went home quickly showered and rushed back at 5 for the opening and 'wearable art parade at 6! I got home for tea at 9. That was a long day! Then I had to do duty there after school on wednesday and then take it all down in thursday night. All the while doing my normal teaching roles as art teacher and classroom teacher. Needless to say I am  little tired this weekend.


2paw said...

Welcome Sparkles: you are Sparkle 3 because I already know Sparkle and Sparkle 2!! Poor pup, cats can be 'interesting'.
Yes, the art looks fabulous but I do really appreciate all the effort that goes on behind the scenes!! Gold star!!

inkberryblue said...

Awwww! Sparkles is so is your lovely old dog.
Your art exhibition looks fabulous. What an immense effort. I hope your school appreciates you. (Actually, I can't imagine that they don't.)

Anki said...

Oh I love that photo of Pablo. Such expression! I'm sure Sparkles will get used to him (she lived with dogs before, right?). They'll be great friends.
Wow, such a lot of work for you. It looks fantastic and yes, I agree, people don't appreciate all the extra work that goes into these things. Well Done!

Jaime Leigh said...

The Art exhibition is indeed Fabulous!!!

Tara said...

Hi Little Red Hen! Thanks for peeking over at my blog. I love the picture of Sparkles; I hope he's as sweet as he looks.

Ravi Verma said...

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