Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A HUGE compliment.

Chicky Babe walked into the lounge where I have been hand quilting my new quilt a few minutes ago and said "Hey don't get too shocked but this is really pretty."
"It's gonna be mine huh? Eventually."
Because she actually likes it, and that doesn't happen often- hence the dont be too shocked preface to the comment,  I think it will be hers as soon as I finish it off, as a graduation present. (Maybe I won't stitch the doilies on in that case!)
Now I'll need to make another one for myself, I'll have to start browsing for inspiration again.
Will post daylight photos when it is completed.  
Added next morning-
It's not quite done yet, just the edging to do but now that it's not for me to use now that can wait a little bit and now I can tidy the house a bit in preparation for an afternoon tea with the girls tomorrow. After all Chicky Babe doesn't finish until the 19th of November.
  These colours look a little better than the nighttime photos.

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2paw said...

See, all that hard work and angst does pay off!! Looking forward to photos.