Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Holiday High Tea.

I had afternoon tea with some of the girls from work this afternoon. 

I gave the lounge and kitchen a good clean up as it had been ignored in favour of other recent pursuits.
Everything looked lovely and I broke out the good china, pretty plates and my lovely champagne flutes (20c each at a jumble sale)- we started with champagne and ended with a cup of tea. 

But did it? Check out the breakfast bar behind the table. Why did I leave the iron out???? I took the time to select tea cups and serving spoons carefully, iron the table cloth and leave the iron out just to make sure people know that I do use the iron occasionally. Now look beyond the breakfast bar to the oven door- a plastic bag full of rubbish!!! What was I thinking???

Any way no one seemed to mind we devoured all the food and drank champagne and laughed and chatted.
And how did this go with my weight loss - not well. I went to my weigh in with a stomach full of food and drink and I've gained a kilo. Oh well I'm ok with that. I know it will be up and down for me.

Because one of my friends has a wheat intolerance I made things that were gluten free as well as low 'points' for my diet and my assorted preservative and food additive allergies. Fortunately the non dieting and allergy free people were more than happy with the repast asking for a tin of these biscuits I made based on Weight Watcher's Lace Biscuits, for Christmas.

 They are like toffee Anzac Biscuits. 
The most successful item- well the one I was most pleased with was my " gluten free low fat apricot upside down cake"

It was so light and fluffy and delicious and all gone!

As a result a light dinner of curried parsnip and apple soup was in order.


2paw said...

Your high tea looks fabulous. I do that with bags too, I hang them on the cupboard door handles until I take them up to the big bin at the gate!!! The lacy biscuits look lovely, like brandy snaps: very restrained of you not to curl them and fill them with cream!!

Red Hen (dette) said...

I know...believe me I thought about it! I even thought of putting a big dollop of cream on them but didn't!

LiquidBrick said...

This post is so funny and so recognizable... It reminds me of when I sent a picture of my little boys to an aunt, as thank you for something I do not remember now, and she responded about the laundry visible in the background, drying on a line, featureing mainly underwear...

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Yeh, that's the sort of thing I would do - I'm so used to seeing the iron hanging about that I probably wouldn't notice - our friends love us for it anyway :)

That gluten-free cake looks yummy, I'm going to try out that recipe! Thanks!