Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dreams are becomming plans.

I have finally done the most simple piece of paper work that has enabled the money I've been saving through the kids scholarship fund to be released to me and the interest earned paid to the kids. I don't know why I found this so difficult to do before now. (All I can say is thank goodness for antidepressants!)
Tim finally does exist. There was a number of dramas in his attempts to get a passport. The first being that he didn't exist on the births register, his name was spelt wrongly and then they gave him a copy of someone else's birth certificate with a very similar name and birth date. Anyway his passport is on it's way.
I went through all my jewellery and ended up recycling about $1000 worth of silver! Tim had collected quite a bit too so now with cash behind us I have spent the day planning, really planning not just wistfully "pinning" pictures to my holiday board on pinterest.
I'm planning 6 weeks away (now that the kids have reassured me they will look after each other and I need not feel guilty for abandoning them for some time during their end of semester uni exams- Why is it I continue to feel like a bad mama when they are almost 18 and a half and almost 20!!?)
I've decided to fly into London then explore Paris, Barcelona, Venice via Marseilles, Florence, Rome, and then back to London via Milan on the train. Once back in London I would like to spend some time Kombi Camper Vanning around at a leisurely pace.
It sounds like a lot but several of the train trips connecting cities are overnight and will be in sleeper carriages and I decided we may as well check out a couple of places along the way! I used to live in Mt Magnet and thought nothing of doing a three hour drive to Geraldton to do a bit of shopping or to dip my feet into the ocean! and returning in the afternoon before the roos, emus and occasionally cows came out and made driving a little more exciting than one would like! So 2 and a half hours from Venice to Milan sounds like a much better proposition to me- even 13 hours from paris to Barcelona sounds more appealing! Especially when there are Gaudi's mosaic buildings and a Picasso museum to visit.

We will start our trip with two weeks in Paris. Then the mad dash about Contiki tour style but just the two of us on a train stopping exactly where and when we want to! Then two weeks in the UK crocheting in sea side villages and at loch sides in Scotland.
I've bought a new netbook computer to use at home -rather than renewing my school laptop rental as I thought I could take it with me when I travel. It is quite nice to use. I've used it all afternoon to do a bit of research and to post this too.
Although I think I might take a break now to do some more crochet for a cardigan I'm working on or my cotton bed spread. And just let the information I've found seep gently into my head, roll about a bit and see if I am happy with it all. (I wish I had more money, more time and less guilt to be able to do and see everything on my wish list!)


2paw said...

How fabulous and I am glad you are feeling things are easier now. It is a relief to feel 'normal': I know, I am feeling more normal too.
I hope there will be lots of pictures of your adventures and I know your children will be fine!!
Our teachers are given their laptops for free here and they are updated every 3 years. Poor show for you that you have to rent. Glad you have your own now!!

Anki said...

Ooooooh I'm getting so excited for you now. Don't worry about the money, you never think you've got enough or wish you had more but once you're there it doesn't matter if you live off day old bread and cheese, you're having an adventure and that will sustain you. You are so going at the right time to be Australian with our BIG Australian dollar!

inkberryblue said...

Wow!!! How exciting!!! I would love to go to Barcelona and see Gaudi's mosaics. There's a Guggenheim museum there too, isn't there? And Scotland! Beautiful!!!
I always feel nervous before I travel (and wonder why the hell I'm going) then love it once all the rush and organisation is over and I'm on the plane and into the adventure. I'm glad you're feeling better, and that money and passports and itineraries are coming together.

fifi said...

oh wow, at last. That sounds like a splendid trip!
I havent been to barcelona for decades but it really is fab and cant have changed too much. There is also a Miro museum there I think which I recall being amazing.
Of course, I am the expert on Venice so feel free to pick my brains!

fifi said...

oh and I have done the total budget trip as well as the more posh style travelling...nowadays I like to do the odd few days of the former so as to be able to have a few days of the latter, lol.