Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday, Sunday.

Things I've made recently.
For my trip,
for my Chicky Babe for the dress up for the last Harry Potter film,

for my dear friend.

Something I'm working on. For my Queen sized bed.


Rooftop view of Fremantle from the top level of the car park. I love this view out to sea.

Ban Live Exports Rally Fremantle.

There were more dogs than people! (Not really but there were quite a lot of them. They are all so well behaved! Pablo gets too excited in mixed company.)

Brunch at a Fremantle cafe. Well technically it would have to be a late lunch but we hadn't been up all that long and it was an early rally 12 noon on a Sunday IS early!)
Elizabeth's Bookshop was offering free wrapping for purchases over $10. These books were for school but I'd fallen in love with the wrapping paper for kiddies with it's circus theme. One class at school are doing a circus act for their assembly and we are doing some circus inspired art works and I thought I could use this in the art room so I had them wrapped. The top one is from Tim an early birthday present. It is a French/English dictionary for our travels.


Anki said...

I love rooftop views so much (we're going to lose lots of ours when they build next door). My favourite view of Fremantle is from Bateman Street near the War Memorial (up near our old school)...I always wanted one of the houses there that have the wrap around verandahs at the back to take in the view.

2paw said...

You have been doing some stellar crocheting. I hate the ends when changing colours on the squares, do you crochet them in as you go?? Love the owl!!
Oh, The Labradors would love to go to 'happenings' for dogs, but I can't walk far or quickly enough.
you will be bonjouring with ease in preparation for your trip!!