Friday, 12 September 2008

Ahhhh!!!!! And where has the time gone!!!

Bantam Boy's new trick- hiding an over sized spider toy in unexpected places. I know it's not real and it is impossibly large yet that little part of my brain that alerts me to danger amuses him every time! Chicky Babe was not amused to find it in the freezer. And Tweety Pie screamed in the most satisfying manner when it dropped from the doorway one morning before school!

There are days when I feel like the world is a roller coaster. And I want to get off the ride! Things were chugging along nicely, the house was tidy for a few days and things ran smoothly then all of a sudden the wheels fell off. The house is bedlam and it's friday AGAIN! This is the first time in ages that I've been able to get near the computer for any length of time. But things should improve as I've just got my new leased education department laptop and I've bought a wireless modem thingo and I'm going to have a go at setting it all up. Wish me luck!

I've decided to do the George St market again this, this means I've been trying to decide what I will do this year. I'm going to focus on textiles again. I've made some little layered felt cut out designs to use as pins or pendents.

I'm also thinking of using lino prints or silk screening images onto fabric and making 'calico' shopping bags, making little purses for bare essentials and obi inspired aprons that are more of an accessory than a purely functional item. I'm hoping to come up with ideas of things that people will want to buy. Last year I sold a few handbags and some aprons but none of my little crocheted pins/brooches.

Someone said "They are really cute but I never wear brooches" I hadn't really thought about it properly. I love brooches on my jackets, scarves and hats that I didn't stop to think that they are not really a mainstream item and therefore wouldn't sell all that well.
We'll see how it goes this year and perhaps any remaining stock I can use to finally do what I said I might do this year and sell it on etsy!


Kirti said...

I've just begun my affair with brooches. They should never be under rated.Love George Street. Wish I could beam myself over there for a quick visit! Enjoy xxx

fifi said...

I have always worn a brooch, and i concentrated on making them till I ended up making nothing BUT brooches. You ca put them on hats and scarves, and on bags. I say, go the brooch.

I wear all manner of jewelry etc. I must say I haven't been wearing earrings as much as I used to, possibly because I usually have some great clunk of stuff round my neck.

Good luck with the markets, wish I had time to get one happening. I might do a few workshops for some chrissy money instead if iI ever find the time to write them and advertise them.