Monday, 29 September 2008

An afternoon in the garden.

Tick two more things off my list, I sat in the swinging garden chair reading 'The Divided Heart'. It was lovely and sunny but not at all hot,just perfect. I am amazed at how lovely the flowers are, they are true survivors as they get little TLC from me. I'm not so impressed with the tenacity of the weeds that appear with relentless regularity between the brickwork!!I suppose they don't realise they are weeds and are only trying to survive as the flowers are.

My poor roses are covered with aphids. I read somewhere that you can spray roses with milk and water solution to kill aphids but now I'm thinkig that it could have been to treat black spot. Anyway I did a little tending to the garden by spraying them with milk, so that's actually three things off my list. I think I will have to try white oil or maybe look up the book to find out what I actually have to do!

Chicky Babe wanted to know why I was taking a photo of the dog poo - I was taking an 'arty' photo of my shaddow in the garden. I think this is an illustration of how people see things differently. I tend to look past the 'crap' to see the pretty , unexpected things beyond it.
One of the kids visiting said he wished that he lived in a house like mine where the mum didn't care. What?? I care!!!! About the mess he explained. I just wish that my mum would just sit down and watch a movie and not worry so much about the house, it's more relaxing. A kind of backward compliment!

Funny really because the chapter I'm reading is an interview with a writer that says she lets the housework slide in favour of her artistic pursuits and mothering. I can so relate to this. Plus I know it's clean under the clutter! For a brief moment once every week it's nice and clean AND tidy. So if you come to visit me it must be on a saturday afternoon, on any another day you will have to turn a blind eye to the mess and look for the lovely little bits and pieces hidden in the rubble of my life.


Anja said...

Just like me! I have a house in total mess most of the time. I do care but don't at the same time. As long as everybody is having fun and as long as I can find my book in the evening, it's all OK.
Your shadow photo is very artistic. I'm also taking photos of my shadow and my husband is making fun of me. Don't mind him :o)

Kirti said...

Oh yes, yes viva la mess. Although I must say living in a tiny two room studio with minimal possessions is the way of the domestic future for me! Not much cleaning to do, nothing to clean! So much space to take it all outside....The only draw back is that there's no room to make creative mess (which is the best kind)and I HAVE to pack MY toys away when I've finished. :C Love those garden photos. How Do you get them all in a lovely grid????

Kirti said...

PS My friend Tracey said to me a few weeks ago "a clean house is the sign of a bored housewife..."

little red hen said... is the site I use to make the mosaic pictures. It is so super dooper easy but looks good doesn't it?