Saturday, 27 September 2008

Holidays (Again!!!)

Oh my goodness the holidays are here again, I'm not complaining but gosh the time has flown past! Here's my holiday to do list.
1; Sew lots and lots of things for george st.
2; Go out into the garden and sit in the sunshine.
3; Maybe tend to the garden
4; Buy some soil and put it in the garden bed outside my french doors and plant some plants there.
5; Paint the bottom half of my house (outside) it is exactly the wrong shade of cream that does not match with the other shade of cream both chosen by the people that owned the house before I did.
6; Fix ie replace the bathroom sink top that has suffered water damage from a faulty tap.
7. Fix the faulty tap!!!!
8; Visit friends
9 Have friends come to visit;
10 NOT spend too much time looking at all the lovely things other people are doing on line.
11; More sewing
12 See a movie
13 Read at least one book.
14; Sew some new cusion covers for the patio area.
15; Sew myself some new clothes.
16; Get children's art work ready for a district wide schools art exhibition.
17; Transfer the last drawings onto the wall for the mural- that was supposed to be finished 5months ago!
18. Go swimming more often (if I did this once it would be more often!)
19; More sewing for stall
20 Even more sewing.

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