Sunday, 28 September 2008

Pikelets and Patience

Breakfast this morning stacks of pikelets for the 7 teenagers who slept over last night. They kicked me out of the lounge room where I was sewing at 1:15am apparently they were tired and wanted to set up their bed. Which they did, then put on a video and stayed awake until about 3!!
This looks quite civilised doesn't it but if I pan to the right and up a little....

This is what you will see. (I'm glad I paid the cleaning lady to come yesterday morning!!!) I'd best admit that the sewing mess is mine. Check one point off my holiday list!

I think the dog's face says it all! Most of them are still here and I am required to take them all to Mac Donald's fur lunch, now and I think I am required to pay for it too! I think my face resembles that of the dog!

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I seem to know that particular state of "bliss"....