Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wednesday's work

Yesterday I experimented with ways of constructing the wrist purses quickly. I decided to make a quicker, more simple and therefore cheaper range that would appeal to kids. Chicky Babes friends all wanted one even one of the boys! (I've bought denim fabric and heavy duty studs to make some that would be more unisex)

Today I woke with a HUGE headache but as the day progressed I managed to motivate myself and have put together about 15 of these little guys. I still have to add buttons and loops. As I worked I suddenly had an idea to make corsage purses with crocheted flowers. Here's the first one.

I've bought black fabric and will make some with black flowers and some with purple and red too. I dont care if these ones sell because I like them and will wear them myself!

So that's more to tick off my holiday list! Tomorrow morning I will bake a cake because A is coming to visit with her little ones.

P.S. (some time later)

I couldn't leave them so I searched through my odd button stash and now they all have buttons but it's 1:15am and I really should get some sleep!!!

P.P.S @ 2:30!!!! I had to make this one too!!! (I saw it here and decided to give it a go.) It's cute! I didnt follow the pattern just the picture! It is so close to what I've been playing with ie; crocheted flowers as jewellery. Sometimes I'm not sure if this web is a good thing or not it's nice to see the collective conciousness and the similar things being produced but on the other hand it's a bit frustrating to feel as if you are not as creative as you'd hoped!!!! I supose it's like beaded jewellery- it's the same techniques but just different types and colours of beads threaded in different combinations but still they are similar. I really should sleep!!!!

Crocheted necklace


fifi said...

you are a clever and crafty thing. the necklace looks great. friend as a company that did a few in that silky cotton and put them on brooch backing, so you can pin it on whatever. That would be very quick to make also.
All your wares look very enticing and sure to be a success.

Anja said...

Lovely. I love everything crochet - I can't knit (for now :o)

Thank you for your birthday wishes.

Christie said...

Beautiful work, love the linen one with the cream flower-beautiful!

Time for some sleep now...

PS thanks for visiting my blog!