Monday, 6 October 2008

creative holiday challenge

My little challenge to myself for this month is to try to make something every day. Not so hard to manage for the holidays but maybe a bit tricky when school goes back next week! Maybe that is a little unreasonable, perhaps I should purely aim to work on something creative every day... Now I can see room to cheat a bit because technically cooking a meal could be construed as a creative thing, depending on what you cook. I remember in my teens when my father began to take on the role of cook in the family. This was the beginning of my foray into anorexia. He was a creative cook! Sometimes too creative, he liked to eat honey and Vegemite sandwiches! His meals comprised of some surprising combinations. I was not as adventurous as he and often opted for eating very little!

Even though I had a very busy day I still managed to make this HANDbag for myself- not for the markets.

. . .

My sister "B" is here from the country holidaying with her family . Her hubby and kids went sight seeing and I took her out for breakfast then we went shopping and bought some art supplies. I bought a canvas for a painting that I'd like to do. (I really have to finish some things. Maybe that should be my challenge to see how many things I can complete this month That's it! All this waffle has helped me decide what to do!) After shopping we came home and I made lunch and B played with her water colours.

Later this afternoon I went out for coffee with a friend down by the beach, beautiful. And a great laugh too! She had a laugh at my unrealistic goals for my holidays. When I got home Bantam Boy had his friend over, his mother is also a friend of mine, she came to pick up her son and we had a cuppa. It was nice to catch up. Both kids were out and about today, They are sleeping over at their friends' houses, so I had leftovers for tea, nice and simple! Tomorrow is lunch with the book club girls. Holiday's are lovely!

Here's to seeing how many things I can actually complete this month!


fifi said...

Cooking is NOT a creative activity, it is an awful chore!!!!!! I hate it!!!! I wish we lived on dirt!!!


nice bags. I bought one like that from the NGV in melbourne made out of kimono stuff, it is very nice and I paid quite a number of dollars for it. I should draw its design, I think it is the same idea as that one but it hasn't the nice flower on it.
you are very clever. One item a day? whoa. I couldnt do that!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love bag! It has a great lining as well as the cute flower.

Good luck with making something everyday! It's a great goal to have.